Jul 20 2009In 1987, Man Discovered the Strangest Way to End a Film, and This Is It


Student Confidential should be classified alongside Planet of the Apes, The Sixth Sense, The Usual Suspects, and other films known for their shocking surprise endings, because there are no possible scenarios that could have occurred in this movie that would have resulted in this ending being either expected or in any way acceptable.

My friend Chris best explained the scene: "They were both trying to convey something wordlessly, but whatever that was would change second to second."

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this is insane!

and it's with marlon jackson. i thought his voice sounded familiar. just like michael's.

I expect to see MANY youtube mockery's of this within the next few days. You have your meme people - start working (and holding hands, and smiling)!

i don't get it

I...I'm not...huh?

For anyone that has Netflix - this is on the instant play. The one upside is probably that it has a whole bunch of 80's boobies.

Ah, such a heartfelt cathartic release!

The brilliant acting and subtle emotional cues convey a powerful sense of character and tension. I was on the verge of tears during the whole scene.

Why did I just waste battery power on this?

"Great job!"

LOL, i totally thought the voice was like michael jacksons too automatically. this seemed like a really long dialog, >-<

Everyone, it's Troma


lol that was weird... and i knew he beared a strong resemblence to michael jackson

I feel that 1:42 of my life was wasted, and it makes me depressed that I will never get it back. Shit.



I grabbed your hands, stared into your eyes... and then I JIZZED IN MY PANTS


Found a parody here:

Note: it gets a little stinky.

i dont know what you are talking about that single tear was executed flawlessly, besides did you hear that drum line through the credits? thats how you end a movie

Hmm, you don't see classic "gimme ten(s)" anymore.

'Course, I never held hands after "slippin'" somebody "some skin" either.

The '80s were a lot gayer than I remember.

That was as painful as watching Superman Returns

Huh. It's apparently THE Marlon Jackson. He should be 30 yrs old there.

Hard to find info about it, like Angelina Jolies classic with Jack Palance, "Cyborg 2". It barely exists.

If this was a comedy it would be very subtle for Troma.

nice, there are definitely "prostitutes" in the movie, and they are talking about business...i need to see this film...

i noticed that too, there's 'prostitutes' and 'hoodlums'.

The homoerotic tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife

@18 - Robit
Thanks for sharing heaps funnier than the original...
...the original is just weird!

If you like this one... check Pat Morita's cheesy ending as well.

um dario argento's phenomena ends better....
(and it's got academy award winner jennifer connely!(shudder)


I dunno, it's hard to tell out of context. Maybe this is the greatest ending ever.

Oh my fuckin god.

"psst...your line..."
"uh no, your line..."

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