Jul 22 2009'I Can Do Bad All By Myself' Trailer: I Nearly Owe Tyler Perry a Apology


Alright, Tyler Perry. I can admit when I'm wrong. Having witnessed your previous insane, irrelevant posters, I yesterday made the hasty assumption that the most recent poster for I Can Do Bad All By Myself, a parody of the Straw Dogs one-sheet, was "arbitrary and nonsensical ... unless the plot of this film involves Madea fighting off home intruders with hot oil and bear traps."

Well, there's a new trailer today, and while there aren't bear traps, it does open by immediately asserting that there is, in fact, at least a marginal storyline involving home intruders ("I'm Madea, and they're gonna break in this house?!" quips the drag queen). So I guess the Straw Dogs parallel does have some degree of logic behind. Maybe I owe T.P. an apology.

But, on the other hand, the trailer was also filled with Perry's typically bipolar blend of idiotic hey-I'm-an-old-sassy-fat-lady-but-not-really! comedy and there's-been-a-rape! melodrama, and concludes with the hard-to-shake image of Madea breaking the fourth wall and shouting directly at me, so let's just call it even, Perry.

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That Adam Rodriguez looks soooooooooooofamiliar, but I can't place it.

I prefer Perry Logan

No thanks.....

I'd rather be skull fucked by the hulk

to be honest, it doesn't look THAT bad

a lot of crying going on in this trailer

Rodriguez=CSI Miami
I'll see this.

i think you mean you owe tyler perry AN apology. jeebus.

@6. Victim - July 23, 2009 4:57 AM
"I'd rather be skull fucked by the hulk"

definitely not true...

What was up with the Scooby-Doo reaction when the girl asked about praying? I half expected him to ask for a Scooby-Snack afterwards.

God damn I hate Tyler Perry.

He makes Rob Schneider films look like fine art.

this looks fuckin atrocious.

I love MJB! And Gladys Knight! Must...watch...

I think Taraji and Mary should switch roles

Why isn't someone throwing money at Tommy Wiseau to make crappy movies? I mean, if Tyler Perry can...

Seriously, Tyler Perry has done a great job protraying the "old school black grandmother".... All you ignorant people have no clue where he is coming from!

@17: We don't care where he's coming from, we just want him to stop making crap movies.

I'm guessing most of you that hate Tyler Perry so much have no idea what it's like to grow up in a black household. I think the acting in his movies is bad but the story he is trying to tell is always great. Diary of a mad black woman I mean that was a good plot and Family reunion these stories are real and happen everyday!! Wake up and take a look just because you didn't have to go through it doesn't make it crap. I'm glad Tyler Perry is making movies that the black community can identify with. Who doesn't have a crazy person in their family I bet someone in the hood right now has a relative just as crazy as Madea. Perry himself said Madea was based off of a few of his relatives. Honestly find something better to do than say stupid things like I's rather be skull fucked by the hulk?? Really?? How about this don't watch it end of story you really can't be that bothered by something you don't sit around and watch. Some people like to watch things that have a meaning it's not just about Madea there is always a real story beneath every movie he puts out and by the way all of them don't even have Madea in them. So lets not comment on things we haven't even seen all the way through because all your facts wouldn't be straight.

Why even comment if you don't like tyler perry???????? HMMMMM lets see, Spending time reading an article about someone you can't stand and commenting about it....... seems to me like the Incrdible hulk had already skull fucked, as it was so eloquently phrased, a lot of you and is enjoying his cigarette with an afterglow.

are fricken serious ur making fun of tyler perry dont be hating cause u can t make movies why are u on this website if u dont like tyler perry movies dont like tylerperry movie.dont u have anything better to do than hate on tyler perrry. here atvise instead of hating u should appreciate.anyways y'all dont know what u talking about any ways cause tyler perry movies are based on everyday life that happen anybody so dont be talking cause its not happening to u okay.

I absolutely loved this movie! In my opinion, it is one of Tyler's best works. The television "previews" don't do this movie justice. Tariji Henson did a wonderful job. Mary J. Blige did a great job. Madea was great as usual. Gladys Knight also did a great job. Marvin Winans' performance was breathtaking. TylerPerry is so creative, funny, and artistic. I strongly advise that you see this movie! You will shed some tears. Tyler teaches us all something about LOVE! And it is available here:http://watch-movies.net.in/movies/i-can-do-bad-all-by-myself-2009/

This is a great movie.! It has wonderful points and all. Anyone, and I mean anyone would love this movie like me.:D If you still have not watched it,come on and enjoy it here: http://watch-movies.net.in/movies/i-can-do-bad-all-by-myself-2009/

Adam Rodriguez's fina asterisk if from Gossip Girl.

Yes, a Black chick from the hood knew that! LOL

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