'Eagle Path' Promo: Van Damme Wishes He Were as Free as a Certain Bird

July 21, 2009


TwitchFilm has posted a new promotional trailer for Jean-Claude Van Damme's latest, presumably straight-to-dvd action film, The Eagle Path. In the below embedded video you will find:

- Eagle imagery
- Eagle imagery blatantly, immediately explained.
- Van Damme explaining that he'll protect a woman.
- Van Damme expressing the emotion pictured above.
- Van Damme reiterating he'll protect a woman.
- A man beating Van Damme with a stop sign and a bicycle.
- More eagle imagery.
- 360-degree kick foreshadowing (a group of thugs make the mistake of encircling our hero).
- Van Damme putting together his own A-Team (VD-Team?).
- Van Damme wearing a ridiculous mustached chauffeur disguise.
- Even more eagle imagery.
- Van Damme punching, kicking, and shooting a bunch of dudes (obviously).
- Vague hints at the significance of a particular avian creature.


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