Jun 23 2009'Youth in Revolt' Poster: Michael Cera Still Perpetually a Teenager


I'm back, everyone. Sorry for the absence yesterday. The day was spent at an airport doing an extended impression of Tom Hanks in Steven Spielberg's The Terminal, but things eventually worked out, so let's look at movie things. OK?

Anyway: Youth in Revolt poster. The film, based on the C.D. Payne book, stars Michael Cera, still pretending he's an awkward teenager, as 14-year-old Nick Twisp, a pubescent child committing a variety of wacky plots to win the heart of a gal. Classic high school scheming fare.

I'm particularly excited by poster's the inclusion of the striped shirt with "Be Bad" pin. My "Vote for Pedro" shirt is getting a tad threadbare, and this looks like a excellent alternative, available mass-produced in Hot Topic stores everywhere.

'Youth in Revolt' Poster Premiere! [Cinematical]

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Could Michael Cera be the worst thing to come out of arrested development? I think so.... His shtick is getting mighty old.

I hereby move to banish Michael Cera from moviedom.

I remember reading a tutorial on making this sort of picture...I never knew it was for a poster! Haha. (I never read the introductions)


They should have put Steve Buscemi's name across his face. Because that's the only reason I'd see this.

@Lain: Thanks for the link to the tutorial! Although it's unlikely I'll see the movie, looking at the artist's process was really fascinating.

WHAT AN INSULT TO NICK TWISP. another disaster.
whyyyyyyyyyyyyy must hollywood ruin everything !!!!!!!!!!
first you ruin my favorite anime and now one of my favorite books.
why is this allowed? whywnyhwy


This is allowed because all of your favorite writers/animators are money hungry fucks who will gladly whore out their creations to the highest bidder. If you think it's going to ruin the book for you, don't see it.

Although if your favorite book is about a 14 year old boy trying to swoon some 8th grader, I suspect that seeing a bad movie should be the least of your concern.


Yes, Michael has GOT to go.

This movie will probably blow, but Youth in Revolt is an absolutely fantastic book.

#7, have you even read the book? I assume not or you wouldn't be making such ridiculous generalizations. Catcher in the Rye is about a 15 year old--doesn't mean it's not a classic.

Do yourself a favor and pick up the book before Cera's face is plastered all over the covers. It's fuckin' hilarious.

Wow, Cera looks even more plastic than Tom Hanks did on the cover of "The Green Mile."

I saw this a few weeks back at a test screening in New York. I was just as sick of Michael Cera as everyone else, and didn't even want to see the movie really, but I was actually pretty shocked at how funny it was. After a weak Juno-ish start, it gets bizarre and unpredictable, and very consistently hilarious. Cera's asshole alter ego Francois is fucking hysterical every second he appears. I really didn't think he had it in him. That said, all of the questions on the survey afterward made it seem like the studio reaaaalllly wanted to cut out everything funny and interesting about the movie.

I am only watching this if Mike Cera gets a nude scene. Buying every copy of the DVDs

Agh, millions over millions of dollars and nobody can get this dude a new haircut?

It's not like he needs a certain hair style to act, but (IMO) producers might as well as buy a picture cardboard of Cera, pay some voice actor to imitate his style (an impossible task, I know), and that's it!, they just saved themselves a lot of cash.

F#ck this guy!

Let's wait and see!

@#6 Yes you are right about everyone easily selling out for large sums of money...but REALLY, you must not have read the book...kudos to #9 because i couldn't have said it better myself.

Just like #6, I bet these producers probably didnt even read youth and revolt, nor its many sequels.

This freakshow has no talent. I would rather watch a muppet. That would be way funnier AND have mroe depth than this turd burglar.

Jeez you guys. I kind of don't mind Michael Cera.

What shocks me is WOAH A PAINTED POSTER? And not crudely scribbled like all that indie shit that's trying to look like high school notebook doodles for some reason, but a LEGIT REALISTIC PAINTING??? It's a brave new world, motherfuckers.

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