Jun 12 2009Tyler Perry Can Do 'Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself' Poster All By Himself


Ah, classic Tyler Perry. Only his brilliant, bipolar mind can create imagery of equal parts melodrama and nonsense. Just like with Madea Goes to Jail's bizarre, bird-made-of-ink poster, he's decided to go with a contemplative-face-obscured-by-nature motif. So beautiful. So dramatic. Forget that both films heavily rely on the comedy of seeing a middle-aged man in a fat suit screaming and pretending to be a dangerous elderly woman. For this poster, let's just focus on the strength of this woman's soul beaming from behind her solemn face, and how she's morphing into a flower. Next poster we'll slap Madea on there, lookin' all sassy--like on the DVD cover!

In Focus: Tyler Perry [MSN]

Reader Comments

gotta say, I love the posters to his movies much more then the actual movies..
but this one dosen't look like they put her face in it very well..

The poster looks pretty neat! Is that a yellow rose?

Sorta rips off the "Magnolia" one sheet.
Tyler Perry's "The Tyler Perry Story"
Tyler Perry's "I Am Tyler Perry"
Tyler Perry's "The Curious Case Of Tyler PerrY"
Tyler Perry's "Tyler Perry: Salvation"


Best headline ever.

Tyler Perry's directing the Twilight Sequel?

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