Jun 11 2009Leonardo DiCaprio in a Mental Hospital -- FOR THE CRIMINALLY INSANE!


Martin Scorsese has got Leonardo DiCaprio doing funny voices again! This time it's for Shutter Island, Scosese's foray into the the crazy-spooky-shit-in-a-mental-hospital fare usually reserved for straight-to-video horror starring lesser Baldwin brothers. Take a look:


That's probably the worst type of mental hospital, Leo! But who is patient 67? I could read the book, or look it up. Or I could just take some blind guesses:

- It's YOU, Leonardo Dicaprio!


- It's the kid who can change mutants into normals from X-Men 3!

- It's YOU, the viewer! At the end of the film, you'll realize you've been in a mental hospital your entire life and everything until this movie was a dream.

- Robin Williams for some reason, and he'll win an Oscar for his convincingly insane yet heartfelt performance.

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Your first blind guess sounds entirely too plausible. =(

scorcese and di caprio together? that's new!
looking forward to it.

You may not like it, but if Marty is going to venture into the realm of the fantastik, then I'll be there with bells on

dude you could have mentioned ben kingsley, i think he's important enough...

I'm a huge Dennis Lehane (author of Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone) fan but this book was really awful. He must've had this manuscript lying around from before he got famous and just turned it in. The movie could be interesting, but the source material was abysmal.

This was written by Dennis Lehane. Now I definitely won't see it.


"Mystic River" and "Gone Baby Gone" were terrible flicks. Simply terrible.

uh....those movies were really good , shows what you know about movies.

I could've swore I heard that Scorsese was through with making high dollar Hollywood movies and was going ot focus on small indie flicks and documentaries....

I guess I could be wrong. Or maybe DiCrapio did this on the cheap...

Yes, Pat, and the majority of the world would agree with you.

I've been waiting for this movie for awhile. Shutter Island is a fantastic book. You can see the twist coming from a mile away, but it's still a fun ride.

I have yet to read a bad Dennis Lehane book. He reminds me of a more commercial Cormac McCarthy.

The movie looks awesome. The visual style is awesome. Can't wait.

@ 6, grow a dick!

Mystic River was just grief porn polished and ready for the academy.

Grief porn...sounds interesting. I'll have to watch that, now.

not usually into horror movies but scorsese is a pretty good director so maybe ill give it a shot

It looks great to me! Looking forward!

Nonono, you guys are all wrong. Patient 67 is Matt Damon, who is in the meantime infiltrating the police department and speaking with an equally oversold Boston accent.

That or it turns out the patients are all dinosaurs and the island is called Isla Sorna.

The patient is... BOLO YOUNG!!

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