Jun 15 2009'G.I. Joe' Poster: Could We Switch the Head on That Butt?


Left: old poster with windswept, monstrous face. Right: new poster with sneering, human face.

Winner: Adobe Photoshop digital manipulation software.

Full new poster below the cut.


I'm still confused by how this film has managed to make ninjas and lady-butts so faintly appealing.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Poster! [Superhero Hype]

Reader Comments

Actually, they didn't even swap heads. It looks like they just air-brushed her fugliness and snipped some of the hair off.

I'll second that: the new hair has a lot of flyaways that just kind of end. And her face has more air brushing than a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper. I just want to know why Snake Eyes' face looks so bloated. And why this movie has to suck so bad.

...this movie is going to suck so hard.

I saw the movie preview at Star Trek and was like, yeah I wont be seeing that.

Looked like over done cheap CGI

I request more sexually charged body armor.

her nippled is not shining anymore.
this movie's tanking.


One more thing: did Cobra take over Bespin? Maybe the Millennium Falcon? Apparently GI Joe headquarters is located in France...maybe Vegas?

Granted she looked fug the first time around, but now she looks fug and *boring*.

Marlon Wayans should be kept off the poster at all costs. There's no a need to ever have a Wayans on a poster.

The handguns look super lame. They could just have a nice 9mm or something. But instead hey had to have some wonky Dr. Who looking space pistols. A-boo.

Stuey went to see Star Trek in a theater, but THIS movie looks like cheap CGI.


This is so depressing. Oh the suck of it all.

Dude. Don't cheapen Dr. Who! ;)

Actually, to me it looks like they left the picture closer to its original form. The first poster is the one that has massive airbrushing, hence the unnatural appearance. The hair is fake in both pictures.

This is going to be so bad i am sure i will be offended.

You can turn on all the vacuum cleaners in the world at the same time, and it wouldn't suck as much as this movie is going to suck. A black hole may suck more, but that is theoretical.

What is the point in spending all this money if it's going to be metaphysically stupid? What is so hard about writing an intelligent script that allows plenty of exciting action?

@ 16: Nice, I've got to use that one.

I'm just looking forward to the internet mashups. I.E. Marlon Wayans saying "Who wants a body massage?"


It looks great to me! Quite realistic looking!

This movie tanked the second they cast Marlon Wayans in it.

yet another movie that ruins my childhood . im calling it now... smurfs the live action movie

That is the worst rendition of Stormshadow I have ever seen in my life.


I think this film started going downhill when Channing Tatum was cast. It did moderately well at the box office, but Chatum delivered a bad performance.

Yeah, Marlon Wayans sucked too.

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