Finally, You Can Have Optimus Prime's Head on Your Body

June 16, 2009


Have you ever dreamed your head could be replaced by Optimus Prime's, allowing you to pose as the Autobot leader in coquettish senior picture poses? Well, time to have that dream, and then have that dream immediately fulfilled by We Are Autobots, a new Transformers: It's Us Again promotional site that tracks your movements and envelops your head in robot. Requirements: a webcam, a location where your dignity is not at stake.

As this demo video shows, it's great for having "I'm Optimus Prime!--No, I'M Optimus Prime!" parties, which are quickly replacing Rock Band parties as the primary form of nerd social gathering:

I wish someone had thought to use this technology for a Mummy 3 promotion. I would love, if even for a few fleeting, digital moments, to wear Brendan Fraser's hairpiece.

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