Jun 29 2009Another 'Invention of Lying' Trailer: See Lying's US-tailored Invention


Remember the Invention of Lying trailer on Friday? Good, because I'd hate having to explain the premise again, and there's now a domestic trailer for the comedy.

I particularly like Louis CK's reaction to Gervais's claim that he's an Eskimo. I thought I was the only one to ever express an unnaturally positive reaction to learning they've accidentally befriended an Inuk:

Why isn't Rob Lowe playing a rich, pompous turd in more comedies? Have we so quickly forgotten the lessons of Wayne's World?

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True story: I had a birthday coupon for sex with her. I lost it in a fire. :(

Thrasher, you are a disappointment to us all, I would have risked a few third degree burns to retrieve the coupon from the hungry flames.

Looking forward to see this movie!

Looks pretty funny, actually. The trailers for Ghost Town weren't as good as this, and that movie turned out alright.

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