May 13 2009Tyler Perry Can Do Horrible Madea Movies All By Himself


I swear, it seems like just yesterday Tyler Perry-in-elderly-drag was getting hauled off to jail. But somehow Madea has already managed to get itself in trouble with the law again, and there's a new movie coming out in September: I Can Do Bad All By Myself. Once you have the wig and muumuu, these things pretty much write themselves.

Here's the new teaser trailer, in which Madea describes how she plans to murder some people. I guess shouting violent threats is her catchphrase of sorts.

Reader Comments

Still can't get over Tyler Perry being in Star Trek. I was like, WTF?

Goddamn, he is a weird looking fucker.

tyler perry sucks cock

Wow i guess you could expect that there would be anouther one of these shitty films. Its just like eating taco bell you know you will have to take more than one crap.

What race is this guy?

Dunno what tribe this guy comes from.


He actually hasn't sucked cock, at least not literally, in about a decade. Back when he was a crack addict it used to be several times a week. Now he's got his own cash so he can skip the middle man.

Go ahead, look it up.

Is he just gonna come out with these every six months, forever? An eternity of Madea? I'm starting to think I didn't survive that plane crash after all.

Funny how all of you folks can write a statement about someone you do personally know and call them names, or say things about them that are not true. If you don't like hims movies, sit your Ass down and don't watch them. He will sell out and make number 1 without you.

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