Something for Fans of 'Terminator Salvation' and Grease-Soaked Pan Pizzas

May 11, 2009


Thanks to a partnership between Pizza Hut and Warner Bros. (as a "Hut" rep explained: "Pizza Hut's iconic red Hut may not be as intimidating as the Terminator's red eye, but pizza and movies are time-tested favorites"), the Book-It sponsor has just released a new clip with behind-the-scenes footage from Terminator Salvation.

Director McG introduces it, explaining it's for "Pizza Hut and Terminator fans" (i.e., everyone) and adds, "You're about to see the Harvester attacking humanity," so I was expecting a giant robot going on a long diatribe about man's war-like ways and tendencies towards greed and destruction, but it ended up being more exciting than that. Gas tanker-exploding exciting!:

"REALISM!" I guess so, McG. If Michael Bay's dreams are your idea of realism.

I still can't get over "Hey, Pizza Hut and Terminator fans!"

"Speaking. What is it now?"

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