May 14 2009Scorsese Directing Sinatra Biopic, DiCaprio Undoubtedly Starring


In a grouping of Italian favorites the likes of which has previously only been seen on an Olive Garden menu, Martin Scorsese has signed on to direct and produce Universal's long-planned Frank Sinatra biopic. From Variety:

Universal Pictures and Mandalay Pictures are teaming on "Sinatra" and have brought on Scorsese — who has long flirted with a biopic on singer-actor Frank Sinatra — to direct and produce.

Phil Alden Robinson is writing the screenplay.

Although no actor is attached to star in the film, Schulman said Leonardo DiCaprio is an obvious candidate because he has become Scorsese’s go-to actor over the past decade, having starred in the director’s past four features: "Gangs of New York," "The Aviator," "The Departed" and the upcoming "Shutter Island." Because any music in the film will come from Sinatra’s recordings, it will not be necessary to cast an actor who is a proficient singer.

Well, of course DiCaprio is going to play Sinatra. And I'm sure he'll do a fine job with it. But what I'd really like to see is DeNiro in a role--probably something mob-related--along with the inexplicable inclusion of Tony Montana, Al Pacino's character in Scarface, so that pizza places could just have this one poster and cover all their bases.

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first!! dobedobedoooo

"DiCaprio? I got chunks of guys like him in my stool!" - Sinatra

You do realize Tony Montana's supposed to be Cuban, and not Italian...right?

Unless DiCaprio's got some amazing impressionist skills I don't know about, the contrast between his voice and his lip syncing is going to be very grating.

I don't know if this is a stretch, but i think mr. scoresaysee should do sinatra himself! Think about it he could direct and act, he's never done that before. I don't know much about his movies, or a lot about movies in general, or even sinatra for that matter, but it's something to chew on, could work...

Jesus effing christ LEO???!! He hasnt done anything good since his days playing lil orphan boy from growing pains.

@Bob: Tell that to New Jersey.

What happened to "Dino" with Tom Hanks.

I actually like DiCaprio, but for Sinatra? Allow be to quote Labeauf: NONONONONONONONO!

Looking forward!

They should let Leo sing. Then maybe he'll grow a beard and start a career in hip hop.

Maybe this could have worked back when Leo, like Frank, was good-looking.

Looking forward to it very much!

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