Richard Gere Owned the Best Non-Sports-Playing Dog Ever: The Movie

May 15, 2009


Haven't you always wanted to see a film about Richard Gere as a professor that owned a really great dog that faithfully met him at the train station each day, and was later either so loyal or habit-driven that it continued the tradition for another ten years after Richard Gere's death? No? You probably aren't Japanese then, because they're apparently really looking forward to Hachiko: A Dog's Story, the Hallmark quality, based-on-a-true-story movie about an animal understanding repetition more than human mortality.

This is the kind of dog you could really trust alone with your wife:

Jason Alexander has discharged you, dog. You can stop now. Good boy.

I wish this had an American release date, because I really want to see how they manage to stretch the premise of a dog's futile, daily errand into a feature-length film. An intensely melodramatic, tear-jerker of an Alpo commercial I could understand, but this? How many times can you dissolve from spring to summer to fall to winter as the dog continues his Sisyphean trek? What role does Joan Allen, who's listed in the credits, play in this? (I'm hoping "internal monologue of forlorn dog.") And how will it top Japan's 1987 blockbuster version, which apparently ends with them meeting in the afterlife?

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