May 18 2009By the Might of Mjolnir, We Have Our Thor


Variety is reporting that Chris Hemsworth, the recent cinematic father of James T. Kirk, has been cast as Marvel Comics' Nordic, hammer-wielding God of Thunder, Thor:

Marvel Studios has chosen its god of Thunder: Australian thesp Chris Hemsworth is in final negotiations to play Thor in the comicbook company's bigscreen adaptation of the character.

Kenneth Branagh will helm the actioner, set to bow on May 20, 2011.

A Norse god, Thor develops a protective affinity for humans after his father Odin banishes him to Earth, in order to teach him a lesson in humility. From then on, he's often seen wielding his massive hammer and fighting alongside the Avengers (comprised of Iron Man, the Hulk and Captain America).

Hemsworth, who stars in MGM's upcoming "Cabin in the Woods," was also just cast in that studio's remake of "Red Dawn" as Jed Eckert, the role originally played by Patrick Swayze in 1984. Hemsworth was most recently seen in Paramount's "Star Trek" playing Capt. Kirk's father.

I guess this means Alexander Skarsgård, who was previously rumored for the part, will have to just continue being Thor in real life only. Because, seriously, look at the guy. He is Thor.

What are you thinking, Branagh? Does it scare you too much that Skarsgård might actually be Thor? don't want to deal with his inevitable arguing on set? "I wouldn't say this line, Ken. And I should know: I'm quite literally Thor. Look at my long blonde hair and distinctly Nordic features. I'm definitely Thor. Don't make me set down this prop hammer and go get the real hammer I use in my fight against Lokis and Skrulls and such."

I suppose I can't blame you for that. That's a rational fear. I'll accept this beady-eyed Australian if I have to.

Reader Comments

I still vote Charlie Hunnam for best Thor.

They're remaking Red Dawn?

Anyway, this guy does kinda have the look. He just needs more hair.

Wow, i nearly had a heart attack when i read the headline and saw Mjolinr. although i have been looking forward to this movie for a while Mjolinr still makes me think of Halo and not Thor's hammer.

At least i can get my hopes up for this movie.

100% agree

What was Branagh thinking? Alexander Skarsgård was perfect for the role. He could even have gotten Stellan to play Odin.

He only got the role because of Star Trek. Star Trek is one of those IT movies where suddenly everyone who is in it will get all sorts of roles. Some will pan out and some won't.

I like the look of this guy better. Alexander Skarsgård looks more like trasher Thor.

He went from trashy soapie 'Home and Away' to 'Start Trek' and then 'Thor'.

pretty big accomplishment.

you say Australian as if its a bad thing...

Bullshit! I call shennanigans!

He has two years to turn himself into Thor.Good luck to him!


I'm sad now. I really was wanting Skarsgard to be Thor :c(


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