Mischa Barton is: 'WALLED IN'

April 8, 2009


Working for a demolitions company is such hard work. Daddy has only just made Mischa Barton a partner and already she has to temporarily live in the building she's demolishing, because that's something demolishers do. They always move in for a bit before imploding anything. What if it turns out this building is really great, and therefore should not be demolished? It's like when a priest wants to have a few meetings with the couple before marrying them. But anyway, unbeknownst to our hero, the building's walls contain secrets. Straight-to-video horror movie-style secrets!

Here's the trailer. As a warning, I think there's a spoiler shot that reveals Mischa Barton does, in fact, get walled in:

(Compliments of Andrea.)

So it's like The Matrix. Picking the red envelope puts you in a clichéd horror movie. If she'd picked the blue envelope, she'd have been in a romantic comedy with Jason Biggs. Next time, Mischa. Next time.

We're all assuming everyone in the building is a ghost, right?

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