'Frankenhood' Trailer: Frankenstein's Monster Plays Street Basketball

April 7, 2009


A naîve giant is reanimated then recruited to play street basketball despite his being unaware of cultural norms and his own relative bigness. That's your Frankenhood:

How disappointingly dull. I wasn't expecting a cretinous fish-out-of-water story neither worse nor better than Encino Man. If not for that single ridiculously underacted Charlie Murphy scene (who decides to play a mad scientist "small"?) I would swear this is Kevin Bacon-less DTV Air Up There 2: Urban Jungle.

My question now is, if Frankenstein Monsters are great at basketball, and Wolfmen can dunk from the three-point line (see Teen Wolf, web-heads), why is Universal Monsters 3-on-3 Street Basketball not yet a video game I can play?

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