Mar 5 2009Who Watches the Watchmen Saturdays at 10 AM on FOX?


What if, instead of making the transition into a 2009 blockbuster film by a "visionary" director, Alan Moore's Watchmen were adapted into a cheesy Saturday morning cartoon where Silk Spectre plays a keytar and the Comedian hopes for a kiss? That scenario is no longer hypothetical:

UPDATED: The embed stopped working, so just go here.

Seeing an animated man transform into a car really makes me miss the days of Turbo Teen.

Surprisingly, this is not an official viral video; just something this guy made and will be sued for. (Thanks to Jonah for the tip.)

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Wow...just wow.

I'm calling it now, the movie cannot live up to this.

and i thought Batman The Animated Series was the best cartoon ever :(

Hahaha! I love the whole Dr. Manhattan part. "Jon can give you cancer, then turn into a car." lol.

This is why I will never publish any of my magnificent writing and graphic art. Because after I die, douchebags will get doucheyness all over it and congratulate themselves. WELL FCUK YOU YOU DOUCHEBAGS! CHOKE ON YOUR OWN DOUCHENOZZLES.

He needs to do one of Watchmen Babies.

HAHAHA thank you, I think that just might get me through this afternoon.

Ha! Shows how much you know! Fox doesn't run saturday morning cartoons anymore. And this is more like a late-80s ABC saturday morning cartoon anyway....

Meh. - Dude, I could have SO taken you more seriously if you'd called yourself HURM.

But The Comedian is Laurie's dad. Thats just so wrong. So, so wrong

Nooooo no no no... cartoons can't be THIS awsome
and... gay!

:O This is the best thing ever! I would tottally watch this, it'd be like the good old days of the X-Men cartoon series. Don't get me wrong it'd be horrible if it was a real attempt by a network but the fact its for joke just makes me want to see some real episodes. If i wasn't so lazy i'd start a petition to get it made

That was absolutely fantastic.

funny part is that these are throwbacks to actual cartoons in the eighties. man i miss them days. what do kids have now...HURM... oh right, card playing cartoons, LAME!!

HURM IS THE BEST WORD EVER!!! teen car i miss you!!!

only like 6 episodes were made of that cartoon. but it felt like it lasted 10 years!

Alan Moore rolls in his grave.

This is the definitive adaptation.

BTW, if you know anything about Mr. Moore, he would probably find this hilarious. As it is sarcastic and makes fun of the assholes who are using his characters for profit. Remember that one of the reasons he hates DC so much is that they were making money off of stupid Watchmen merch that was essentially shit.

o noez it was removed. anyone have another link?


Yeah, it's hosted on the NewGrounds site:

@ 6

That was kinda awesome.

Something tells me that with Alan Moore's dark sense of humor, he may actually approve of this more than the movie (unless of course his serpent with a Paris Hilton head god says differently). Hilarious!

#1 took the words out of my mouth.

Video removed.

The link #19 put works...

remember when teen turbo had to save his girlfriend from the evil doers, and he didnt want to drink the hot water in mexico cause it gives you diarhea, so he had to eat a chili pepper to get hot so he can turn into a car! and then he saved his girlfriend! oh man!!!

Alan Moore's not dead.

I'm pretty sure Alan Moore has a grave he rolls around in when he needs a break.

Remember the ultra bad ass comic book series by Jim Lee called "Wildc.a.t.s"? Remember the ultra lame ass cartoon that ruin it?

Oh dear lord. This is the most terribly awesome thing I've seen in a while. While this sort of thing is a hair before my time, this very thing is EXACTLY what happened to awesome comic books back in the 80's. Makes the whole "edgy superhero movie" thing not look so bad by comparison.


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