Tom Hanks Doing Another Moon Travel Thing

March 25, 2009


The absurd toy-as-film trend, which has already resulted in plans to for Candy Land, Stretch Armstrong, and Ouija Board-based films, has claimed yet another cardboard-packaged victim. While digging through his childhood rumpus room this weekend, Tom Hanks found the next great franchise shoved inside an Easy-Bake Oven (also a great potential franchise): Major Matt Mason! Who? Apparently some sort of G.I. Joe-like spaceman from the '60s:

Universal will develop "Major Matt Mason," a live-action feature based on the vintage Mattel action figure. Pic will be developed as a star vehicle for Tom Hanks, and Graham Yost ("Speed") will write the script.

The toy line originated in 1966; Mason led an astronaut team that worked on the moon and lived in a space station. The toy was a hit in the buildup to the first manned moon mission. Mattel retired the line in the 1970s.

When Mattel execs Tim Kilpin and Barry Waldo came to Playtone for a meeting, they brought an arsenal of the Matt Mason figures. Hanks came armed with his own.

50-something nerds and Rusty Brown are going to be so pissed if this isn't right. "Civilian astronaut Doug Davis is supposed to have a YELLOW suit and BROWN hair! Thanks for ruining my distant childhood, Hanks!"

My guess for the next obscure, collectible toy to become a film: those Happy Meal toys that transformed between robots and McDonald's food packaging.

Tom Hanks circles 'Major' toy story [Variety]

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