Mar 24 2009'The Dirty Garage' Trailer: Being in Your 20s or 30s and Cleaning a Garage is So Rough


The next time someone tells you all you need to make a successful indie dramedy trailer is an innocent love story, an Architecture in Helsinki song, some pseudo-meaningful voice-over, and a live performance of a quirky acoustic song, you show them this, and you tell them, "Yeah, I guess you were pretty spot on with that statement."

The Dirty Garage trailer:

It could use some hand-drawn graphics, but otherwise that works. Now, does it being a fake film mean it can't be nominated for Best Original Screenplay?

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this is gona be a shitty movie, the trailer is crap and acting looks like crap

o yay im first

Okay you haters can hate on this pile of shit, because that's obviously what this one is. It seems like it wasn't really thought through. They had some funny ideas, and their next step was grabbing the cheapest digi cam at best buy and hit record. the first 3 comments. This is not a real movie guys.

But yeah.. even as a fake trailer, it wasn't good.

actually i watched it once to see if it was really good, i used to study film and shit like that, but this movie really pissed me off. the guy filming cant even hold the camera steady, and i dont understand why so many film festivals were anticipating it.

id give this film a big fadonk with my choad

o thank god, i would have shot the producers of this movie if it was real

you guys know this is fake right?

Pfff I knew that. Eat shit and die you asshats.

Yeah, it's totally fake. Come on, get with the program.
i did laugh a bit at the folk duo at the end..
"I'll be your poop, if you'll be my bu-utt..."

You people that thaught this was real need your genitals melted off. Seriously. You guys are fuckin mongoloids.

The comments for this trailer were funnier than the trailer was trying to be!

Holy crap. People actually thought this was real? You guys are what's wrong with the world.

hahahaha, you cant be serious.
"I used to study film" have to be kidding, you studied film and you thought this was real ?
I guess you didnt graduate.

Film noir?

@13: Owned.

Haha! Freaking tools....

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