Mar 6 2009New 'Star Trek' Trailer: Spock Hugs


It's so hard for Spock to hug. Trying so hard to remain emotionless but realizing the inevitable sentiment that spawns from a good hug. I think that's probably the main conflict in this movie:

"I DARE you to join Star Trek!"


The military recruitment guys at the mall could learn a lesson from Pike.

(via, thanks to Latos.)

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OMG! I was actually first at something. This is truly Friday.

As for that trailer it looks good. I still miss TNG tho.

Trailer is my least favorite of the ones realease so far, but I am so pumped for this movie it doesn't matter. The space battles look awesome, and blow the little we saw in First Contact out of the water. Can't wait!

And I also miss TNG. Great show. But all good things....

I never was a huge Star Trek fan but this actually looks pretty cool. I am sure I will see it as the space battles do look awesome ...

Was that Kristen Dunst holding a baby at :22?

nevermind. it's not. Someone named Jennifer Morrison.

Im so pumped for this movie its crazy. The trailer was pretty cool and the space battle scenes look amazing! Hopefully it has some intense moments (ie: the scene with Nero screaming "FIRE EVERYTHING!") kinda gave me chills. I hope the soundtrack throughout the movie is similar to the music in this trailer. If there is one thing that adds to a movies "feel" its definately a soundtrack. Cant wait!

looks great,i was worried cause i never been a fan of j.j. abrams. but this will blow the new star wars movies out of the water. it has more lense flares than star wars!!

This trailer smells like "Red Shirt"...or maybe Tribble Turds. Can't tell the difference.

I agree, this looks surprisingly good and I am not a fan of any trek as it leans heavily toward the left. (crazy I know right!)

If you disagree re-watch some of the TNG stuff. Bah, set tv remotes to snooze.

It better be damn well good...Bana sucks ass, We've never seen Cho or Pegg acting serious, Quinto well...Sylar, Ryder is going to pick pockets of everyone and the rest are utter unknowns or second rate actors! Let's bet it will have a "lost/fringe" ominous score to it on top of it all...I'm shivering...

No thank you! I'll pass.

@MFS, "someone" named Jennifer Morrsion?
Have you never heard of House M.D.?
She is Dr. Allison Cameron.

I just came.

@15 was it because of the sex scene at 1:45? If so, you might want to be on the look out for premature ejaculation if you ever get a girl to touch you.

Also, did anyone else not see the infamous spock hug?

Spock also gets a blowjob in this one -- click the link above to see a clip (NSFW)!

Spock looks like a Vampire sucking her blood in that picture.

Looking good, no doubt - but why use the Batman Begins/Dark Knight score? I think Chris Nolan has already patented that same melancholic, yet dramatic and foreboding TA-TAAA sound - I’m talking about 0:30 into the trailer, right after the dude says “enlist to star fleet”.

Check this out - 2:05 into this DK trailer:


Sylar (A.K.A Spock) is still by far the coolest and best actor in this film! I hope this film is good... or its just one more failure from the shitmysters known as Hollywood.

Looks good, I'll be seeing it in Imax, I think.

On May 8 2009, the streets will flow with the blood of the non-believers!

@-18 I noticed that music during the theater trailer. J.J. Abrams is involved, so there could easily be some sorriness involved.

I need that song in the background.

Oh man, seeing NCC-1701 again made my nipples hard.

That is not the DK score. There are similarities, but this was done exclusively for this trailer (same with the first trailer).

This is very exciting.

So does anyone know who's doing the music to this film? Is it Hans Zimmer and/or James Newton Howard (they did BB and DK)?

Who did the music for this trailer cuz it's very good. Am hoping it's part of the actual music for the movie so I can buy the soundtrack.

It looks like they've lost the spirit of the original Star Trek to me. These days, they replace the storyline with a bunch of CGI effects and action scenes...and usually not much else. I'm afraid. It looks too "typical modern-day Hollywood" for my taste. I hope I'm wrong. I really REALLY want it to be great.

I myself have not been a Star Trek fan, but this movie does look cool.

... On the other hand.. its got J.J. Abrams name on it.. which is a HUGE RED FLAG for me... that guy sucks major ass and should be shot the next time anyone else see's him.

I dont have a personal grudge against the guy.. but everything I've seen that he's directed or had something to do with .. ends up being really fscking lame.

ex. Look where 'Heroes' is going... to shit..

i love girls and Nice Ass

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