Mar 10 2009Man Who is Obviously Already Thor Might Play Thor


Alexander Skarsgård, son of Stellan Skarsgård and recently seen in Generation Kill and True Blood, is rumored to be in talks to star in Kenneth Branagh's Thor. Apparently a sharp-eyed tip-person at Latino Review saw the actor and director (canoodling?) at a restaurant together, and later LR was somehow able to confirm Branagh had dined there at that time, hinting that the two might be discussing a collaboration.

What can I say that his being Nordic, 6'4", and long blonde-haired hasn't already? You aren't going to find anyone else who gives more of an irrepressible Adventures in Babysitting moment than this guy. Hypothetical casting: approved.

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I loved Adventures in Babysitting!

*runs away shamefaced*

This man is seriously hot. He shall truly be a mighty Thor.

#2 did that give you a chubby or full on hardy?


Watch that clip teenager looks JUST like Ron Wesley in Harry Potter!

#3 you're a dumba**. #2 is a girl you moron. And no, that guy in the video looks nothing like the guy from harry potter.

after 'true blood' i knew it was inevitable.
/squeals in girlish delight

He is really tall but he's also fairly weedy. He needs to bulk up. But I'm sure thats doable.

I thought they said large, strong, and very handsome? This guy looks somewhat... dumpy. Nor does he look large or strong.

#9...seriously? Hmm...these pics aren't the best of him but wow, I personally love him.

and I so called this one..

The guy looks perfect.

I'm only concerned that they will screw with the story and make it boring. It's a superhero movie, for christ's sake. Keep all the brooding and crying to a minimum. This "dark, tortured soul" act is getting really, really cliche. There needs to be a ton of ass-kicking, on the scale of a heavy-hitter like Thor. Sure, there should be Loki in this, but maybe have him in the background, with him maybe driving the Hulk insane (Savage Hulk) and throw him at Thor. There are a ton of Marvel characters. Why can't they mix it up a little?

He was also the blond model roommate in Zoolander who said "Ex-queeze me, but haven't you heard of styling gel?"

I always thought this guy would be a perfect thor.

This guy would be perfect as Skwisgaar if they made a live action Metalocalypse

It's about time they cast someone who actually looks like their comic book counterpart.

Ben Foster as Warren Worthington? Epic fail.

saw this guy in generation kill, great actor and obviously perfect for the role of thor!

Well in the end the part of The Mighty Thor went to Chris Hembrough, of Star Trek (played Kirk's father) instead of the big Swede.

#2 did that give you a chubby or full on hardy?

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