Mar 16 2009'MacGyver' Film Being Made From Typically Simplistic Household Items MacGyver Joke


The nearly year-old rumor is true: MacGyver is only a MacGyver joke and an A-list writer away from a global franchise!

New Line is using twine, bubble gum and a pencil to throw "MacGyver" into development as a feature film.

"MacGyver" was a science-oriented adventure series that ran from 1985-92 on ABC. Richard Dean Anderson, later of "Stargate: Atlantis" and "SG-1" fame, starred as an incredibly resourceful secret agent for the Phoenix Foundation who frequently would escape from dangerous situations with ingenious and lightning-quick engineering trickery.

No writer is attached, but the studio hopes to find a script that can acknowledge how the concept has staked a place into pop culture yet still makes for a serious and fun adventure movie.

"We think we're a stick of chewing gum, a paper clip and an A-list writer away from a global franchise," said New Line's Richard Brener, who will oversee with Sam Brown and Walter Hamada.

What I hate most is how this New Line guy essentially recognizes that MacGyver is a pop culture punchline with his chewing gum line, but then immediately follows it up with, "still though, we'll make a serious, successful franchise of films out of that joke, and does anyone know if Airwolf rights are still available?" Someone stop all of this.

'MacGyver' getting revived as feature film [THR]

Reader Comments

You know they're going to cast Will Farrell and ruin it.

MAGRUBER! crap I wish I knew the song from the SNL thing...

dudes- whatever. I have mad pink hearts for macgyver and it simply CANNOT be any worse than indiana jones and the crystal pile o crap

It's official there is no god!!!

Salma and Patty CHEERS!!!

/give me some chewing gum, I wanna make a bomb

Oh God, now Hollywood is basing movies off of TV shows I used watch with my grandma... film versions of Andy Griffith and Walker: Texas Ranger can't be far off.

p.s. I will never hear "MacGyver" and not think of Sideshow Bob trying to blow up Selma in a hotel room.

Is nothing sacred?? Assclowns

This could be the coolest thing ever if they take it seriously, but the worst thing ever if they try and parody it.

It was such a waste of a good idea to have Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson play Starsky and Hutch, if they put someone like Wil Ferrell in the role of MacGyver it will basically ruin every memory I have of old school television.

Richard Dean Anderson YES PLEASE!!

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