Mar 31 2009Green-Skinned Slave Girls Exist in Every Popular Science Fiction Franchise


MTV has just posted some scans of the new Star Trek trading cards, alerting us to several bits of pertinent information:

1. The film apparently features a cameo from Alien Natasha Lyonne's Character in Slums of Beverly Hills (above).

2. Young Spock stupidly gives old Spock a live-long-and-prosper (see here). That's totally going to eff up the time-space continuum. Every time travel movie warns not to blatantly gesture at yourself. That's amateur hour.

3. Companies still make movie trading cards. Who would have thought? Granted, I had the entire set of Tim Burton's Batman trading cards as a kid, but that was before internet and the competition of Pokemons Cards. Is this just a one-time thing because they know there are nerds who will buy anything Star Trek?

Reader Comments

Be honest - the IHateMoviePosters guy is writing again isn't he?

3 cheers for how awesome the new ST movie is gonna be!!! And how much better it will be than any of the last 3 Star Wars flicks.

Instead of some TARGET underwear set shouldn't a hot green-skinned alien chick have a shiny chrome bikini?

Look, I'm a nerd and love all this ST stuff. But even I cringe at the mainstream audiences reaction when I see Kirk trying to bone some green bitch. It's a step above a muppet.

Holy crap! This is a very hot color!

On which planet can i find her!??

Ohmmm,nice orange lips!

Is there really anything new or impressive coming out of this Star Trek reboot so far? I mean, really? It's all make or break on the story so far.

hahah i had (still have) a full set of the tim burton batman cards too!!

is that skin photosynthetic? because i'm all onboard for science to help end hunger through sweet, sweet, nutritious sunlight.

I'd hit it.

/once you go green you never go back

Good job jumping the gun on your assumptions about Spock and time travel. next time maybe you keep your mouth shut (figuratively speaking) until you know the facts. *Shrug*

Dude i saw the early premeire on the 7th old spock gives young the sign first.


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