Feb 3 2009See Actual Dragon of 'Dragonball: Evolution'


In Japan, where Dragonball: Evolution is considered pertinent news, a news program aired some brand new footage from the movie. There's an actual dragon! And you thought the name was figurative.

Judging by the music, the Japanese seem to be viewing the film as equivalent to a tropical getaway awarded at the end of a game show:

(via DBmovie.)

There's apparently also an actual DragonJeep.

Reader Comments

aww that dragon was cute...

This movie will be better than both G.I.Joe and Transformers 2

Even with all the fanboys that are going to hate it...

I thought it was going to try to be realistic and tone down the db universe which would be a horrible idea. This doesn't look THAT horrible.

The back to the future flying SUV was pretty cool.

And did I see some bone claws in there? I think I did.

who approved this movie??

This doesn't actually make it look as horrible as everything else I've seen of it.

I'm surprised. From what I had seen previously, I thought this would hurt my eyes. It actually looks watchable. Especially compared to the Street Fighter movie.

My childhood...

I'm so saddened by this, I bet toriyama dreaded this from the get go... but still I bet he could buy a small country with all the money he's gotten from db.

Keep up the raping hollywood!

Akira Toriyama is an executive producer on this movie and he drew some of the artwork.

Stop complaining about your childhood. Your precious creator doesn't give a shit.

^^^ Wins! *gives Dragon Ball Evolution toy from Burger King*

not bad not bad, i was expecting to see something dumb but hey coming out pretty good. Will check it out after all at the movie theater.

"Akira Toriyama is an executive producer on this movie and he drew some of the artwork."

Dude, in an interview a few years ago he had to be reminded who the fuck tao pi pi was. he's not entirely all there anymore


"Gimme back my balls!!"

saw a hilarious video about the PORNO BAILOUT Larry Flint was asking congress for:


I'm sure you ready and willing to hand your money over to watch this.

Stay off the nuts of Akira Toriyama.(He can sell out too)

As if the toon had any substance anyway.

greatest movie NEVER!

DBZ was the stupidest most illogical cartoon I have ever watched. I watched every episode BTW. It is yelling, flashy lights and improbable battles and I loved every retarded moment of it. Some people smoke dope, some drink their lives away. I watch DBZ. Looking forward to some live action retardation WOOOOOO effing HOOOO!

its a pretty dragon
but, blue hair its too difficult?
more than a dragon?????

omg this movie is going to suck so much balls.

why make a movie about such a lame show?

Seriously now WHY. If you're going to make a movie based on Dragonball (lord knows why you'd want to) at least keep it true to it's nature which was exaggerated absurdity. No one over the age of 12 would watch Dragonball because it was "cool" we'd watch it because it is insane and had like... a talking pig, people who turned into giant monkeys, zero gravity training facilities, and over 9,000 power levels. In conclusion, thank god for the internet because there is no way i would pay $7.50 to see this crap. Heck, if it didn't have the word Dragonball slapped on it I wouldn't watch it at all.

Come to me skeletor..umm i mean Piccolo.

ok ill say this once ill hunt this fucker down.
this crap made me mental for a year it was a rape of our shared childhoods thats over 90,000 people by my count and he should burn in hell for shitting on the story and skimming a few words.
ki blast the names hot punk chick shooing guns at goku.
ill kill him on site if i ever meet the director

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