Feb 4 2009'S. Darko' Teaser: Remember How There Was a Girl in That 'Donnie Darko' Movie?


For those worried about the quality of S. Darko, the straight-to-video Donnie Darko sequel that's been carelessly assembled without the participation of writer/director Richard Kelly, this awful teaser should do nothing to alleviate your concerns. Instead of giving any hint of exactly how they'll pointlessly continue the story (more things crashing through roofs?), the trailer functions only as a refresher course for those whose sole question was, "Wait, who the eff was S. Darko?" Those who watch this will be able to confidently say, "Oh, right, that's his dancing sister. And man, that rabbit dude was so fucked up, bro."

"A Donnie Darko Tale"! Ohhhh, I get it. This has some sort of connection to Donnie Darko. Now I'm with you.

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First to wretch...


Meh who cares

That teaser was assembled entirely out of footage from Donnie Darko. I wonder if the whole film will be like that, some sort of schizophrenic montage, with the dance scene being played every few seconds for some reason. Because that would be so much better than whatever they've come up with.

That mask's made of paper mache!

I have a 7 year old, I can tell paper mache when I see it.

That looks like one of those joke trailers the internets constantly produce, like The Shining redone as a romantic comedy. Is this an actual movie trailer for an actual movie? If so... are you sure?


Sometimes I have to question your commitment to SparkleMotion

Dreamfolder: Have you seen Donnie Darko? It is explained through the plot that yes, his mask is made out of paper mache

This is actually a fake trailer. =[
I really do hate it when 1) people try to make sequels to classics and 2) when people make fake trailers for those sequels. Sheesh.

Really, was this a user made trailer? They didn't include any clips that weren't in the movie, and Darko fans are nerds (including me), so unless this is coming form an official site it's probably just made by some college kid.

The thing that I hate more than cheap hollywood movies is people trying to capitalize on Cult Classics. I mean for fack's sake what the heck are they thinking?

First of all, it's a cult classic, not a blockbuster, so the viewers are clearly going to be limited.

Second, if you are going to capitalize on it you better have a genial idea, and I mean PRODIGIOUSLY GENIAL, regarding the sequel/prequel or what have you.

In conclusion, looking at the story through again through someone else's eyes is shit, just shit.

The intensity of my burning hatred for Donnie Darko is rivaled only by the apathy I feel while watching this.

why don't they just make it 3D? then it'd be FANTASTIC. oh wait...

I pray to god that is not real.

This isn't the real trailer. Just an in-house promo that somehow found it's way to the interweb.

Shit this is totally real, go check out the imdb description, it's got a cast and everything. It sounds like a pile of crap though, the synopsis is ridiculous and should never ever have been conceived. Death to this movie. That is all

A Donnie Darko sequel?= Idiots.

The film itself is real, dunno about this trailer though.

Anyway...thanks for reminding me this movie exists...*cries*


Direct to Video FAIL.

just saw a hilarious video about the PORNO BAILOUT Joe Francis was asking congress for:


haha. jokes on you.

Digitalfuntown sucks dude stop posting those links. Nobody cares about hilarious porno bailouts.

Onto the movie itself, Donnie Darko is one of my favorite movies but I can't believe somebody thought this movie warranted a sequel with it's straight forward ending and whatnot. They've already cashed in on this film by releasing the less-features-than-the-original Directors Cut without the directors involvement, why do they need to do this too? GAY GAY GAY

NastyBedazzler: the "less-features-than-the-original Directors Cut" was actually Richard kellys original run. Hate to break it to you but the introspective, quasi-philosophical, undeserved elitist pretension WAS actually originally lackluster AND introspective, quasi-philosophical, undeserved elitist pretension.

Dreamfodder, I know the bunny mask maker, have seen/touched/worn the actual mask, so I can give an informed answer and tell you the mask in the sequel is not paper mache. Its made from scrap metal welded together

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