Feb 24 2009New 'Crank 2' Trailer Seems Feasible Except This One Thing


Here's a new preview for Crank: High Voltage, which sees Jason Statham running around electrocuting himself to keep his cyborg heart charged while simultaneously hunting down whoever has his usual heart. Strangely, the part of the trailer I have the hardest time believing is where our hero uses an iPhone. The kind of guy who kills a ton of guys, has sex in public, and grabs live transformers isn't the type to gently tap the touchscreen of an iPhone. He should make calls on a steak.

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unless that cyborg heart can keep a body from pancaking after falling that far....wtf?

The first Crank was good, MINDLESS, fun to kill on a weekend afternoon. And if you were going to attach a car battery to yourself, why would you go for you nips? I understand the tongue (that's the positive) but I figured you'd get the most from the charge by attaching it your junk (the negative)

Because your an idiot. He survived at the end of the first film, bitch about that.

The iPhone does piss me off, they better include a scene of him bitching and moaning while trying to use it.

Steve Grenier, am I the idiot? Because YOU'RE the idiot. Learn to use proper grammar and spelling.

I think we shouldn't expend any mental energy tying this movie to the first one. As far as I'm concerned, they should have just started the movie all over again, just replacing the cocktail and the fake heart. Nothing you could do makes any real sense (hell the first movie didn't make any real sense) so just don't worry about and enjoy the ride.

"The kind of guy who kills a ton of guys, has sex in public, and grabs live transformers isn't the type to use gently tap the touchscreen of an iPhone. He should make calls on a steak."

The funniest thing I have read all year. Kudos, sir. Kudos.

Yeah, bloody product placement.

But the movie looks nice. I liked the first one. It is good to watch and laugh a bit sometimes.

He could also make an Arc reactor to power his heart, couldn't he?

Where is Tony Stark when you need him?

Am i the only one who noticed the riced out PoS civic on this shit?! WTF?! that car looks gay as hell...

I'm really LOLing! Amazing trailer!
I got to see it!!!

Is there a point at which one crosses the line between hardcore tolerance for pain and pure, unadulterated masochism? I posit there is, and tearing your shirt open and inviting someone to attach a car battering to your nips with the phrase "just juice me" is it.

car *battery*. sorry.

Jason Statham owns, but do you think he could take on Billy Ray Cyrus??? Did you see what BRC did to that kid who hacked Miley's cellphone? (BRUTAL.)


What is that song?

Thank you Hollywood, Thank you. I have now official lost all faith in you.

So...he survived eh?


Eh, suspending realism aside, looks intense...hope it's at least as good as the first (I'll just pretend there's little or no connection between the first and second movies).

#15: I lost faith in Hollywood after the 1980's

As High Voltage begins, a band of Triad gangsters make off with Cheerios' unconscious body and quickly perform some makeshift open-heart surgery in the back of a massage parlor. The super-heart of Cheerios is removed, apparently for its intrinsic value.

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Where is Tony Stark when you need him?


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