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OK, so maybe "Alien Problem? Monster Solution." sounds a bit like a cutesy pitch for illegal immigrant genocide, but let's not focus on that. As Yahoo! Movies User says, "It is great and the blue thing is funny," and that's what's really important.

'Monsters vs. Aliens' Poster [Yahoo!]

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Dreamworks hasn't done bad, but this one still looks kinda iffy.

Both this and Up have both completely failed to capture my interest. Have the greats fallen?

Whatever studio is doing 9 is definitely winning this round of computer animated features.

Yeah well in terms of Up at least, every new Pixar movie starts off with everyone going "WTF?" but then it's always good.

I disagree with that logic. All of Pixar's previous movies at least had a premise that seemed interesting. Up just looks stupid. I know it's Pixar and the chances of it not having any redeeming qualities is non-existent, but that doesn't mean it'll be good, either.

Is it wrong to think Susan is hot?

Awww yeah! can't wait for the big ass screen showing that 20 foot wide poon in 3D!

There's something about the way the cockroach is standing that's disturbing. I think it's because it reminds me of the famous Marilyn-Monroe-over-the-vent pose.

maybe susan, will straddle that pointy building in the back there. or maybe there is a japanese anime tentacle rape scene with her!!!

#8 you know the name of the female character of a kid's movie BEFORE the movie is out? You poor jackoff!

CooL movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

susan is super HOT!

Pixar movie starts off with everyone going "WTF?" but then it's always good.

monster vs aliens is my most hillarious monster movie it has been ever since my best friend miss tabitha bates got it for me for chirstmas

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