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Director Zack Snyder was forced to cut Tales of the Black Freighter, the castaway comic within the Watchmen, from his adaptation of the comic--but it will not go unrealized! An animated DVD of the tale(s) goes on sale March 24, and JoBlo has some screenshots from it. I can already tell animation won't do the story the same justice as seeing extras strapped under a raft pretending to be bloated corpses, but I guess it will have to do.

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I'm glad they're spinning it off as a DVD. They'll have a hard enough time sticking all the comic stuff into the movie, let alone doing the comic that was in the comic justice.

Why do people keep giving Zack Snyder work? He is just as bad as Uwe Boll and Michael Bay, ugghhhh all three of these guys make me sick!

Well jana, that is because the Dawn of the Dead remake was badass and 300 was perfect brain-free testosterone-injected ass-kicking goodness. They don't exactly constitute a "thinking man's movie", but they weren't balls out retarded either, you could at least follow them logically from point a to be without too much eye-rolling and they were purty to look at to boot. Not to mention both made a shitload of money and more people seemed to like them more than hate them, regardless of what you thought, because let's face it, your opinion doesn't matter. Thats why Snyder gets work, because he is definitely two-for-two for good movies. I do have to agree hat Michael Bay is a menace that needs to be stopped because his shit is just plain retarded and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to watch Pearl Harbor again.

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I love movies, my favorite directors are Herzog, David Cronenberg, Ridley Scott, Terry Gilliam. I love zombie films, but Snyder's Dawn of The Dead just wasn't a good movie, it had no direction and no heart (or brains). I adore Shaun of the Dead, and all of Romero's films and even Peter jacksons zombie flick. It saddens me to think that Snyder might be given another big zombie film and ruin it also :(

300 was so annoying and stupid, I feel like it was possibly one of the least enjoyable films I have ever seen. The story is fascinating on paper so I don't know how Snyder was able to remove anything good from it, but he ruined it so deftly it was disturbing.

As a girl, maybe I don't have the mindless enjoying of stupidity gene so therefore I hate Synder. But I really love comedy (monty python forever!) and action and fights, so I'm not sure where Snyder loses me completely. I guess I just feel like I'm not being engaged mentally by his work, and the time is worse than wasted. Honestly I love 99% of films I see. I can find something unique or interesting in them. I admit I am somewhat picky about what I watch so that could skew the %. But on paper Snyder movies should be golden to me because of the subject matter, but in reality they are just repulsive shit.

So my problem with Snyder is that he is taking work that could be given to good directors and turned into great movies and destroying that work. This Watchmen film could have been awesome with a good director, and now I just don't even care if I see it.

Cover art for the DVD/Blueray can be seen here:


Looks like Hooded Justice will also be part of this movie.

I'll back up Jana's comments - 300 was one of only two movies I've seen in theatres I've been tempted to walk out on (X3 being the other one). The whole point of Watchmen is that it's NOT "perfect brain-free testosterone-injected ass-kicking goodness", and I don't think Snyder has shown that he's got the chops yet. I'm trying to keep an open mind, but the more I see about this movie the more suspicious I get (My Chemical Romance covering "Desolation Row" on the soundtrack being the latest blow!).

I'm with Amy.

300 is a film full of good trailers, but otherwise unwatchable.

It is a real concern that meaning will give way to image in the Watchmen movie.

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