Feb 11 2009'Horsemen Poster' Makes Dennis Quaid a Scooby Doo Villain


When assigned to make the poster for a Dennis Quaid serial killer-based thriller, it's important to both prominently feature the star and give it a creepy feeling. But how you can you do both? Here's a little tip I learned from the designer of The Horsemen poster: just before photographing your star, get behind him and shout, "Hey, Quaid!" When he turns, throw flour at him. Like a ton of flour. Now you've got a spooky specter of a Dennis Quaid--both frightening and, as always, ruggedly handsome. You're welcome.

The Horsemen Poster [IMPA]

Reader Comments

I was really excited about this film, but then I discovered it wasn't about centaurs and I was sad.

i would rather have ziyi on this thing. she is pretty damn hot.

I completely disagree with whatever #4 says, and i think theyre a fag.

hm, im getting pretty good at this whole internet thing.

I agree with whatever #4 says, and I think they're great.

hm, I'm getting pretty good at this whole paradox thing.

seriously, at first, i read HORSESHIT.
i wasn't that off.

Like, headless horsemen? ...No? then wtf does it have to do with Quaid's head? with black crap coming out of his nose...

It's Jonas Akerlund's second feature film and his first in a while. "Smack My Bitch Up" is still classic so I'll give it a chance.

all I can think is, "powdered sugar... it's delicious"

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