Feb 11 2009Evil Ex-Boyfriend #1 Practices His Moves


Edgar Wright has continued his trend of providing cryptic, unlabeled, often-obscured photos of his Scott Pilgrim stars with this latest shot of Satya Bhabha. In case you haven't read the comic, it involves Scott Pilgrim fighting off a series of his new girlfriend's evil ex-boyfriends; Bhabha plays evil ex-boyfriend #1, Matthew Patel, and it appears his training regiment consists of imitating DVD menu screens. It seems silly, but it works--that's how I learned to pretend to strum a ukulele along with the Arrested Development theme.

Reader Comments

I feel like there has to be something more interesting than this to report.

I feel like that link to the website about falling asleep to a DVD is based on my life. I've fallen asleep to a majority of those films...

"Aw shit shake that ass now move it like a gypsy"

"Now let me see them hips SWING!"

I'm suprised The Life Aquatic isn't on there though... that's the best movie to fall asleep to.

I just borrowed this from a friend.
I promise not to bend the spine!!!

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