'The Cove': 'All the President's Men' but with Dolphin Murder

January 26, 2009


Japan has a dirty little secret! Actually, Japan probably has a lot of dirty little secrets (the secret of why they have so many robots, the secret of why it's considered OK to sell used underwear in vending machines), but The Cove focuses on uncovering this one: why are these guys brutally slaughtering so many dolphins? Did Japan not get Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home? I know that was whales, but still, it was also fiction; we have no way of knowing what aquatic mammal call we might need to respond to future alien signals. What if it's dolphins, Japan?

Here's the trailer:

(via Cinematical)

Personally, I wouldn't lead off with that whole ancient Greek law part. The Greeks probably punished a lot of crazy things with death, so that's not really the best example of why we shouldn't kill dolphins. Star Trek IV is the best example of why we shouldn't kill dolphins.

Better names for this film: Dolphin Squad, Operation: D.O.L.P.H.I.N., Tokyo Dolphicide

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