Jan 7 2009'Street Fighter the Chun-Li' Trailer Gets Domestic


Since everyone was loving that Japanese version of the Street Fighter trailer from last week, here's the higher quality English edition from IGN. Now you can truly hear the powerful narration describing the delicate balance between two primary forces in our universe. Good and evil? Light and dark? So you'd think! No, it's beauty and terror. Those two are constantly at odds. The simultaneous existence of both Heidi Klum and Osama bin Laden is all that has kept our world from either plummeting into pure and utter terror or exploding in a makeup-filled rainbow of absolute beauty. That is why we must fight in streets to maintain that fragile equilibrium.

Reader Comments

HOT DAMN this actually looks decent!

by decent i mean like dog shit and vomit in a blender, then poured into my eyes.

Bison doesn't wear suits.


This movie will be worse than the Van Damme trainwreck.

The strength of a grisly,
The reflexes of a puma
and the wisdom of a man.

Fo'get about it!

Remember when you used to play street fighter?

Didn't think so.

so uh if this is the legend of one character, does that mean we'll be seeing more street fighter movies?! :|

Dammit, #3, you beat me to it.

Oh god those fireballs were terrible.


I am as big of a Street Fighter Fan as the next person but this looks preety awful. They really just need to stick to animated movies in my opinion.

this movie is gonna tank without the sheer starpower of the muscles from Brussels....amirite?!

What a piece of shit

omg, horrible looks like a rendition of dragonball meets horrible representation..oops..wtf vega? is the only one that looks like the character.
wow. not impressed at all. garbage.

Who cares if this movies sucks?

Kristin Kreuk and Moon Bloodgood! Both are super hot.

This is going to ruin Street Fighter forever!!1!

seriously?! kristen kreuk?! i LOVED playing SFII when i was young. being a girl, i thoroughly enjoyed choosing to play Chun Li, she was my favorite above all. she was cute, athletic (not scrawny), but was an ass-kicker. however, even i admit that a story which focuses on chun li may not be the best idea. ken and ryu should get the mainline and maybe chun li a subplot that ties in, like the anime (which was done superbly). i am saddened that this new treatment of SF on film will invariably suck the big one...yet again. it could be SO good if put in the right hands and cast with the right people. what's with all the halfies? as much as i didn't buy what's her face in the JCVD movie, at least she's all chinese all the time. here you have kreuk and bloodgood. even still, bloodgood would have been the better choice as chun li if it came down to it. she, at least, is built like an athlete with some musculature. i wanna see big boobs, small waist, and big toned thighs! dont tell me they dont exist, cuz they're out there. not in exaggerated proportions but definitely not in the skinny jean, size 2 kreuk who could eat a hamburger maybe someday. i am supposed to believe that a chick that looks like kreuk works for INTERPOL?! i looked up the cast at IMDB. ken and ryu arent even listed. WTF? this has poop written all over it.

all right, it begins here. who would you have chosen to cast your favorite SF characters? aaaaaaaaand go! (please, no lucy liu's)

additionally, i say give all these types of movies (including Voltron, Thundercats, Gi Joe, Battle of the Planets, etc) to the Blizzard Entertainment Cinematics Team and let them create a superior product that we'd actually want to watch. i'd rather watch quality CG rendering and art bring some of my favorite characters to life rather than crappy real life actors who dont fit the part.

the main problem with most video game movies are that they are made by hollywood jerkoffs whose fingers couldn't be further from the pulse of the games or the gaming industry... this will be yet another turd on the ever growing mountain of fecees that is hollywood videogame movies...

oh my god oh my god oh my god it DBZ all over again kids RRRRRUUUUNNNNNNNNN

I.... I think I just vomitted.... Again o.O

Where is van-damme? :S no movie without him

This movie looks like shit...dont know who came up with the idea of making another SF movie about Chun-Li....Bison doesnt wear suits and DOESNT HAVE A FUCKING GOATEE! The action looks LAME AS FUCK. Whats with those ultra cheesy "jump away from the explosion" scenes? God it looks like SHIT!

At least I have the upcoming SF4 game to make up for it.

What movie is this? .....Oh, I see. They are making a sequel to Catwoman, right? Riiiight? Cause that would probably be better than this.

My eyes want to stab my soul with a hot rusted steel spike dipped in sewer water. I managed to hold out on watching this trailer for a while now, I was right to initially ignore it.

This looks better than that Dragonball traversty of a film

And the Rotten Tomato goes to...........................


And Raul Julia will ALWAYS be M. Bison to me...

um. Why is Chun-Li white?

actually kristen kreuk is not white per se.

hi im yeguii
i m guant fuck! with chun li girl
it s sooooo sexy and she have a asss

Need Van Damme in that movie to make it good.

man those kids... hollywood gets more money to make these crap movies by just casting a hot chick everyone knows form smallville. dont go watch it cause of that! just google her or something! =)

legend of chun li.... wait a sec im sorryy WHO DA FUCK CARES ABOUT CHU LI ?? i wanna see Ryu n Ken kick some ass!

You guys are dumb. As far as martial arts action flicks go this looks pretty sweet. So what if they don't LOOK like the characters from Super Nintendo? That's a good thing numb nuts. Some looks simply DO NOT translate from comics/ games to real life... short blue skirt with Leia buns... hmmm... or black leather... like Hugh Jackman said in X-Men, "What did you expect - yellow spandex? " Get real guys. I'm gonna go enjoy this movie. And for the record, I will destroy any of you at Street Fighter!

hmmm... 32 has a point, I think, but some looks do need to be preserved, like Bison could have been a little closer. And really, I'm just tired of little girls beating up everyone. The stories are shitty, and just excuses to get thin women to stretch. How did this become popular- do people get off on this? Does it make thin or small people feel like they can beat up crowds of people? If so, I guess that's what fantasy and cinema are about, but still... I'd rather watch something a bit more plausible, at least from an 'action movie' point of view.

The reference to "Beauty and Terror" is a direct reference to Rose and Bison. As a "real streetfighter fan", you should have caught that. From what I've seen-and I think I have seen more than the people here-this is going to be really good. If you really wanna bitch about something, how about fox's promotion? Everyone I have talked to, that has looked into this says, it's a great movie, far better than what the trailers are showing. What's happening is fox is giving it lousy promotion, so that's how it's being received. Once this movie is out, word of mouth will overcome the marketing.

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