Jan 13 2009Stare into the Gaping Eye-Holes of the 'Franklyn' Trailer


Remember that neo-noir, parallel-universe, Ryan-Phillipe-as-Rorschach-but-in-Dark City, if-Alan-Moore-wrote-Love Actually movie that had a low-res trailer a few months ago (high-res is so much better than low-res)? Well, here's another, better quality trailer, and the film still looks intriguing enough that the lack of a U.S. distribution deal is a concern. How am I going to see this thing? Importing it when it comes out in the UK? Some kind of world-wide network that's places on-demand media viewing at the push of a button? Yeah, I suppose those are valid options. So feel free to enjoy unconcerned:

(Thanks, Andrew.)

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Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo go Brian!

Looks WAY better than "The Spirit"

love how the city looks... like at 0:22
but I don't really get the story...... was this a comic book??

Looks interesting... didn't understand it though.

Is the masked guy just a character in a story or is he in the real world?

It ain't easy being white
It aint easy being broooown
All this pressure to do right
I got childrens all over to-own1

The trailer was compelling enough that I want to check this out. Looks good.

Even I was excited.

I'm sure I'll love it but that doesn't mean it won't suck.

Rorshach the movie

Looks a little like V for Vendetta to me

I'm normally all over movies like this, but the trailer left me pretty cold. It felt forced and formulaic. However, that won't stop me from seeing it -- it'll just drastically lower my expectations.

Ryan-Phillipe in a lead role? he couldn't lead a shit out of his arse!

this film looks like its full of low budget fail... i'm just waiting for scooby and crew to rock up and pull that mask off!!!

Still, i'll probably watch it lol

@6... Mr. F!

Why can't people choose masks that have peripheral vision capabilities? it is such a waste of a valuable commodity...

um...I never much cared for this kind of story telling. So.... no ty.

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