Stare into the Gaping Eye-Holes of the 'Franklyn' Trailer

January 13, 2009


Remember that neo-noir, parallel-universe, Ryan-Phillipe-as-Rorschach-but-in-Dark City, if-Alan-Moore-wrote-Love Actually movie that had a low-res trailer a few months ago (high-res is so much better than low-res)? Well, here's another, better quality trailer, and the film still looks intriguing enough that the lack of a U.S. distribution deal is a concern. How am I going to see this thing? Importing it when it comes out in the UK? Some kind of world-wide network that's places on-demand media viewing at the push of a button? Yeah, I suppose those are valid options. So feel free to enjoy unconcerned:

(Thanks, Andrew.)
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