Jan 13 2009'Next Day Air' Trailer: A Cautionary Tale of Sending Huge Drug Shipments Through Overnight Delivery


Oh, man, Turk from Scrubs is in so deep. Some dudes decided to send a washing machine-sized box of cocaine through the overnight delivery service Turk works for (standard way to move huge amounts of contraband), only Turk delivers it to the wrong apartment--the apartment of Avon Barksdale! And if you've seen The Wire, you know that guy is not going to sit on a box of drugs for too long, because he's great at selling drugs in The Wire. So Avon sells the drugs, some guys come after Turk, they confuse him with Mos Def, hot ladies are sometimes present, etc. Basically it's like someone told Guy Ritchie to make what he thought a Friday movie might look like:

Not bad, really. I'd much rather TBS show this than RV for the 30th time.

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i'm pretty sure carla is going to give turk some serious talkin' to about this. i mean, what the fuck is he doing wasting his time at the post office, he's got lives to save!

Dude got fake teeth or something?

This is just terrible! This is ganna get all those little white boys who want to be black hoping that some postal service guy is ganna make a mistake and give them a ridiculous sized box of cocaine, so they can go off and have wild and crazy adventures with guns and hot girls and all that. The director doesnt know how many over privileged white boys he's ganna make get really disappointed. This is just sad. It's ganna be even sadder when this movie grosses the most at the theaters cuz all the middle school kids are ganna go to it.

Just when I was hoping I could see this movie, Montgommery reminds me that I still won't be black if I do. Ugh, why do I even bother?

LOL @4

Ahahahaha - #4. God Bless You.

Don't worry Hollywood is busy making another middle class white american Hipster jerkfest Pineapple Express/ Juno/ Superbad/Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist clone that features Seth Rogan (of course), Jonah Hill, and some depressed (but precocious) chick in a movie with ironic oh so clever plot twists full of sarcasm, poking fun at the popular beautiful crowd, apathy for the establishment, and of course everyones favorite WEED will be co-staring. You guys are the base Hollywood loves you guys and they will never let go!

this movie's high point: Lacey Duvalle.


Looks hilarious to me.

Was that the asian chick from Real Chance of Love? What the fuck..

Ha! Justlaughing, Hollywood is getting a huge kick out of all you white 50 cent wanna be's parading your wide-brimmed hats and exceptionally baggy pants throughout suburbia. Though i hopefully think it's just a generation phase like the entire 80's, im certain Hollywood is ganna milk you for all your worth with such classics as How High, Who's Your Caddy, and pretty much any movie with Ice Cube in it.

But i do have to agree with you that the movies you listed were indeed for the beautiful popular high school kids, unfortunately im ganna have to go ahead and say that every movie you listed had a much better plot premise than this garbage. And I would say something about the practicality of this movie compared to others, but the ending to Pineapple Express makes any comment void.

Yes it was the real chance of love girl. No she was not in it for fame right she looooooooooooove chance...LOL!!!!

This looks like an American version of the past 4 or 5 English made gangster movies like Snatch. If they can make it why cant this one?

THIS movie is hot hot hot hot and its reallllllllll!

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