'Next Day Air' Trailer: A Cautionary Tale of Sending Huge Drug Shipments Through Overnight Delivery

January 13, 2009


Oh, man, Turk from Scrubs is in so deep. Some dudes decided to send a washing machine-sized box of cocaine through the overnight delivery service Turk works for (standard way to move huge amounts of contraband), only Turk delivers it to the wrong apartment--the apartment of Avon Barksdale! And if you've seen The Wire, you know that guy is not going to sit on a box of drugs for too long, because he's great at selling drugs in The Wire. So Avon sells the drugs, some guys come after Turk, they confuse him with Mos Def, hot ladies are sometimes present, etc. Basically it's like someone told Guy Ritchie to make what he thought a Friday movie might look like:

Not bad, really. I'd much rather TBS show this than RV for the 30th time.

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