Jan 8 2009Madea Has Been Arrested Several Times


Lionsgate has released four new Madea Goes to Jail posters, each depicting the titular fake woman being arrested in different eras. I assume the right two are meant to represent civil rights arrests in the '60s and '70s, and the left-most is her most recent escapade, but what is this other arrest meant to be? I was thinking it's either for disgusting prostitution or doing the worst, most inappropriate Jessica Rabbit impression ever, but someone else told me they think she's just Lil' Kim. Thoughts?

High quality images of the posters are here, in case you want to reassure yourself that Tyler Perry still puts no more effort into his costuming than a wig, lipstick, and the lingering impression that he's too enthusiastic about cross-dressing.

Reader Comments

Fuck I wish Tyler Perry would get eaten by a jackal.

Thanks Catholic Church for oppressing Tyler Perry into such a constricting closet that this is the only way he can find any sort catharsis.

What is the latent transexualism in the black community that makes their male comedians insist on dressing like women?

But beyond that, why do they think it's funny?

I'm not a rasist -don't freak out on me, but people need to stop supporting this guy just cause he's black and he's gotten somewhere in the movie business. Your not going to hell if you say this guy has no talent :P

Eegads! You're more racist than people who didn't vote for Obama! Shame on you.

He does have talent its just better understood through the black community..I dont see how people keep supporting DANE COOK..

If this idiot makes another stupid movie or TV show, I'm moving to Canada.

UPDATE: I just got my passport..................

Typer Perry basically sucks. What's worse than him continuing to make films? The fact that they do no worse than number two opening weekend at the B.O.

These "posters" are so ridiculously bad and poorly made that its not even funny, and the majority of his movies are basically rehashed versions of his plays sans the musical numbers... still, my mom will see this the day it comes out, buy it on dvd and watch it 30 times as she did with the rest of his films..

I find it odd, but amusing that a single man that dresses up as a women has become the guiding light for so many black women (dragging their men in tow) to explain the rights & wrongs of marriage, family, and fidelity. Oh well, white women (while nagging their cuckold husbands) still listen to Dr. Phil screaming common sense solutions as if he knew what the hell he's talking about.

Because he steals Louis CK's jokes

Beceause a movie with black people as the main characters that doesn't involve Will Smith comes about once every 6 months.... there are a lot of black people out there, and they have money too

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