Jan 28 2009It's 'Madea Goes to Jail' Poster


They had to change the name, and the cast, and make it not funny, but we've finally got our Arrested Development movie! Or maybe Tyler Perry is admitting he's Keyser Söze. That's probably the more likely scenario--considering the shadows, and how Tyler Perry is clearly evil.

Madea Goes to Jail Poster [IMPA]

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what is it with black people and cross dressing.

tyler perry, the wayan brothers, eddie murphy and wesley snipes!

has samuel l. jackson done this???

Does anyone watch these movies? The first one was a complete rip off. They should be called Tyler Perry wants to introduce you to Jesus.

When does "Madea Gets Hit By A Truck" come out?

Two things I see here: bad drag and even worse Photoshop shadow technique.

Madea Goes to Jail has been out before Arrested Development. It is one of Tyler Perry's plays that might of been put out on video even before that show came on television.

It is so deliciously ironic that the black community is traditionally so anti-gay yet Tyler Perry's cross-dressing antics are among black americas most successful film products. Kudos to you Tyler Perry! Remember black people, 1 in 8 is gay! You may actually know or conspire frequently with a gay! Oh the horror!!!!!!

I demand to know who keeps watching these.


so i saw one of them ikea ads last night on the ole televizzle, was that old lady tyler perry? just wondering. looks the same as this character cept thin.

i'm dyslexic, and got all excited about Luke Perry's new movie.. my wife let me down gently.. be that as it may, i can't wait to see that guy, and whatshername.. and that other guy.. he cracks me up.. oh him! mercy!

I cannot stand this guy... Doesnt he know the makeup is sooo bad he just looks like a dude dressed as girl.

Lately it seems Hollywood is into people who can't act, can't produce, can't direct, and can't make people laugh.

what a fool

Tyler Perry is a cool ass nigga yall. But he's Bisexual because he go from Man to Women to Man to Women etc. But other than him being a Bisexual he iight at playin Madea.

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