Eddie Murphy is: 'Imagine That'

January 16, 2009


Eddie Murphy is back, and for once he isn't playing multiple roles--unless you count the dual-role of businessman and father! Which you should, because it turns out it's really difficult to balance the two. Eddie is putting so much work in at the office, he isn't making time for his seven-year-old daughter. What could turn him around? Fat suits? Small, alien Eddie Murphies? Nahhhh. How about finding out that his daughter's imaginary friend princesses can provide him with stock predictions so long as he indulges them with wacky dances?

(Thanks, Andrew.)

So Eddie Murphy is willing to spend time with his daughter so long as she's a profitable asset, and the blanket functions as a conduit between the magic girl and the princess spirit world? This and Bedtime Stories have elevated the family comedy to a new, bizarrely-high concept place that borders on nightmarish.

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