Dolph Lundgren is: 'Command Performance'

January 12, 2009


Command Performance is one of those movies where the synopsis made me really want to see it, but then the trailer made me nearly black out. Dolph Lundgren directing Dolph Lundgren in a film being described as "Die Hard at a rock concert" (because it's exactly Die Hard at a rock concert)? I'm with you there. After all, Dolph is a genius. But man, this trailer. Specifically, the awful song that plays throughout the three-minute trailer. The band responsible for this really should, at the very least, have their concert raided by terrorists. It's so bad you can hardly enjoy Dolph Lundgren impaling a man on a guitar neck, and it takes a lot to not revel in guitar-based homicide.

God, Command Performance. Such a good name.

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