Jan 20 2009'Benjamin Button' May Be 'Forrest Gump' Without AIDS


In this video, Talkshow with Spike Feresten puts forth the case that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button isn't so much "curious" as "Forrest Gump-esque". They might be on to something:

(Thanks for the tip, Marcus.)

Still, you get those two guys in a room together, you've got yourself an evening of great storytelling.

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Um... well, both movies were written by the same guy, so it's certainly possible that there are similarities.

Actually my room mate said this the day he saw it. Vindication! It is forrest gump part deux. This time it's a while bird instead of a feather that ties it all together?

I said this when i saw it. I'm glad someone with more time and better video editing skills made this clip.

Well! That certainly solves the eerie feeling of deja-vu that I felt while watching it last night, but wasn't clever enough to realize why! :-)

The original story is quite different from the movie's details, so it's really a shame that the writer made it such a Gumpy storyline.

FYI: http://feedbooks.com/book/3431


I said that when I walked out of the theater. It was basically a different take on the story to me. Just you know, not as good as Forrest Gump.

i like forrest gump, but benjamin button was way better. other than being narrated, like many other movies, i think what made most people tie them together was the main characters having Southern accents. i know that sounds petty, but i really think so. It's just not terribly common for hollywood or any movies to use thick southern accents.

I've always felt like Forrest Gump was a reworking of Little Big Man, but set about 50 years later.

lets not forget about f. scott fitzgerald. i doubt he was much influenced by forrest gump.

rob: the original story for Curious was nothing like the end-result of the movie......so, really, F.Scott Fitzgerald has nothing to do with this....the writer, on the other hand, that was in charge of both movies from his works, well, you should be pointing the finger at him.

Fincher acknowledged this when Button came out ... they're similar, but Gump is about a man with an ordinary condition who lead an extraordinary life. Button is about a wan with an extraordinary condition who lead an ordinary life.

Good call on Little Big Man, Magnet! :-D

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