Dec 29 2008Welp, This Is What 'Street Fighter' Looks Like


Are you ready for some intense street fighting action? How about some fairly lame street fighting action of a quality that will have you continually asking when Steven Seagal is going to show up? Because that's what I have for you with the teaser trailer for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. The voice-over is all Japanese, but I'm pretty sure it's just someone repeatedly saying, "What were you expecting?"

And Bison has a goatee:

Was that Iron Chef music at the end?

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1 millionth!!!

Looks like ass.

I'm pretty sure Chun-Li is Asian, what with the Chinese name and all, and the mocha colored skin, but whatever.

hideous. I bet the chick with the machinegun coming out of her arse is a better movie than this crap.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Are they serious? This is why Kristed left Smallville?

holyshit! Liu Kang is in Street Fighter!

I think a good movie about SF would be about Ryu and his journey, i mean Chun-li is a good character but it looks like an alternate story about Street fighter.

still looks good : )

This makes the Jean Claude street fighter look amazing.

... which it was.

What;'s up with no costumes?

I liked the van damme one a lot. Because they looked like the chars.


These fuckers have been raping almost every single aspect of my 90's childhood since just about 2004. That's it. That's just it. This movie sucks, DB sucks, Transformers sucked, everything else sucked. Why don't they fucking pay some teenager 100k and let him direct the movie or write the script. It would still come out better than this shit.


looks better than dragon ball.


didnt realized chun-li worked out so much being anorexic

damn all this time i thought she did squats for those plump muscular neck breaking thighs


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max moves to LA from New Jersey, and keeps getting beat up by bullies until Arnold from the burger joint teaches him to fight good enough that he can steal Michael J. Fox's girlfriend.

He keeps the girl until she needs a yoohoo mixed, and then she goes back to her old boyfriend.


just a heads up.. street fighter isnt real

I hope your right Dasiy.

where in the hell were the street fighter characters?

looks ok. striaght to dvd, ok.

I still want to sex her.


totally B class film

@9: no no no, fuck you and claiming the Transformers as part of your 90's childhood. I've been down with OPP (Optimus Prime's Posse) since day 1, son. My first memory is opening G1 Optimus Prime on Christmas Eve 1984 and declaring that Christmas complete.

When they start making Saved by the Bell and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reduxes, then (and only then) can you say that Hollywood is raping your sweet, innocent youth.

And JVD's Street Fighter > Deerhunter.

The actresses mother is of Chinese descent. Is that cool with you, huh?

FUUUUUUUUUCCKKK!! Fucking Japanese Hollywood is pissing all over this game I liked when I was a teenager!

Rip on Prachya Pinkaew's 'Chocolate'. Looks decent though, good stunts. Definitely looks heaps better than Dragonball.

-sigh- goddamnit

I swear I heard the word 'alucard' at like 00:35.

Okay, what's fucked about this movie:

A. Kristin Kreuk ISN'T EVEN CHINESE!!! (stupid bitch)

B. I got tired of that stupid bitch after the first season of Smallville!

C. Now we're supposed to believe that stupid bitch is an action hero??


@6 Miguel:
Play the clip again and try and pick out the syllalbles in the last 5 seconds when the narrator reads out the title of the movie. It's massacred by his Japlish but the movie's subtitle is apparently "The Legend of Chun-Li".

If it follows the fluff at all, she'll be investigating the murder of her father which leads to clues about Shadoloo, M. Bison's criminal syndicate. Except...well, I see Vega...I see Balrog. But no M. Bison. Also, looks like they opted for "realism" and dropped the fireballs and stuff. They may actually manage to make it worse than JCvD's version.

Why is this trailer in Mexican?

I think it looks like some good and brainless fun. I probably wouldn't pay to see it in the theatres, but it looks like some fun eye candy.

Isn't Kristen Kreuk part Chinese? Yes, I imagined Chun-Li differently, but at least they didn't cast somebody of a completely different ethnicity and say, "Look! SHE'S REALLY CHINESE!"

What is this ? Street Fighter Alpha : The rise of Bison ? This is worst than that
that other Street Fighter Movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme as Guile and Raoul Julia as Bison ! And where the fuck are Ken and Ryu in this new movie !
This blows !

The truth in all its uncensored glory:

"Sturitu Faita.. Se Legendu Chun Li"

Only person I recognized was Vega..

Other then that.. This is just another crap-movie.

Why does Vega look like a tranny.

Vega has always looked like a tranny. I used to beat off to vega when i thaught he was a girl.


the trailer is talking in japanese . . not spanish.

the trailer looks okay but wait till the movie comes out . .then make your judgment.

The original SF2 anime movie will always be better than any live film. When are they going to learn that any Street Fighter movie that isnt based around RYU and KEN = EPIC FAIL?!!!!??!!??!!!????!??!!!!!!!!!??!!!

seriously?! kristen kreuk?! i LOVED playing SFII when i was young. being a girl, i thoroughly enjoyed choosing to play Chun Li, she was my favorite above all. she was cute, athletic (not scrawny), but was an ass-kicker. however, even i admit that a story which focuses on chun li may not be the best idea. ken and ryu should get the mainline and maybe chun li a subplot that ties in, like the anime (which was done superbly). i am saddened that this new treatment of SF on film will invariably suck the big one...yet again. it could be SO good if put in the right hands and cast with the right people. what's with all the halfies? as much as i didn't buy what's her face in the JCVD movie, at least she's all chinese all the time. here you have kreuk and bloodgood. even still, bloodgood would have been the better choice as chun li if it came down to it. she, at least, is built like an athlete with some musculature. i wanna see big boobs, small waist, and big toned thighs! dont tell me they dont exist, cuz they're out there. not in exaggerated proportions but definitely not in the skinny jean, size 2 kreuk who could eat a hamburger maybe someday. i am supposed to believe that a chick that looks like kreuk works for INTERPOL?! i looked up the cast at IMDB. ken and ryu arent even listed. WTF? this has poop written all over it.

all right, it begins here. who would you have chosen to cast your favorite SF characters? aaaaaaaaand go! (please, no lucy liu's)

I would say her.. She has some Chun Li legs.

I don't what to gouge my eyes out for first a candian goku in the dragonball movie or a non asian no costume chun li. and why is bison a business man?

im guessing there going to be doing what marvel is doing in leading up to the avengers movie so nxt it'll be ryu, ken, guile ect until finally they have the Street Fighter movie

They should've chosen someone more realistic to portray Chun Lee. Preferrably someone who isn't skinny Kristin Kreuk and more muscly

I wonder if Kristin Kreuk had a boob job since chun li got a big juicy one!

Don't know why people think it's crap. Looks like a decent action movie to me. The fight scenes look pretty well choreographed and nicely augmented by CGI, which is an artform in itself, unlike the bland realism of older movies (I want to be amazed when I watch an action flick...if I want to see realistic fighting I'll go to a bar).

They should have at least gotten an Asian girl to play Chun Li though, being that Chun Li is Chinese. I mean c'mon, the only real chance Asians get to be in movies are for martial arts flicks -_-....

I have to laugh at anyone who gives a shit about their ethicities. Really. I mean really...The original movie had JCVD (From Brussells lest we forget.) Playing Guile..originally an american GI. So shut the fuck about it already.

umm.. wtf? Lol all the kk hate.

I think Kruek (being half chinese) is a suitable role for chung-li, with one exception. No high pitched battle cries that we are so accustomed seeing(maybe bigger boobs could also help) and COSTUMES the movie needed her in traditional costume. >.<
As well as the addition of some Of the better fighting poses seen in the video game. The Spinning leg kick was shown used on a few goons but NOT incorporated in her major figths, as well as her FIRE ball was RED! not the traditional blue, and she did not stick her butt in the air while she shot it like she does in the game. Also a few additional poses that can be more related to Street fighter rather than Mortal kombat.
Another thing that bugged me was nash's character(interpol agent? WTF wtg botching the story) who is supposed to be a soldier that dies(he dies in almost every street fighter movie/anime/game even Van Dam Street fighter he dies and resurects as blanca) he should have died here, and they gave him way too many lines and scenes for someone who was utterly unimportant, and led away from the movie about Chung-Li.
Finally the business man NO COSTUME no special moves M.Bison...
it was cool that they had the father daughter thing, and i don't care about plot holes that he "Cares" for his daughter to the extent of protecting her even though he's supposed to have no conscious, but no costume? Looking like a German Baron with blonde hair instead of the diabolical slick black hair super imposing psycho power and traditional red uniform? they soooo botched his character making this movie go from great to bad.
The Van Damn St. fighter was pretty damn good, for a live action 90's movie compared to this movie.

Also Raoul Julia was An AWESOME bison, apparently during the filming of that film, he was not in perfect health and could not perform the stunts required, but if he did he would have been a picture perfect bison.
The Van Damn Street fighter, while not being perfect Did Attempt to incorporate some of the better street fighter moves and characters as well as pretty good costume design. I was happy with the outcome, even though I'm not exactly the biggest Van dam Fan.

Also Chung - Li doesn't really have huge boobs so KK can get away with that either way, and her(kk's) body is fine as chung-li type, just saying bigger boobs (or more cleavage) could help remove our attention from the other qualities of this film that seriously lack that of a true street fighter film. =P
No she does fit well as chung-li being half chinese, not that I'm completely for it as The van dam chung-li looked more fitting.
It's the lack of poses and high-pitched battle cries that really make her feel as though she's not chung-li

What about michelle yo...from supercop,007:world is not enough,and crouching tiger hidden chun-li.

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