Dec 19 2008'Night at the Museum 2' Teaser Uses Museum Definition Loosely


Ben Stiller is back in a museum, and it's night, so I think you all know what that means! (Things coming to life!) And since it's the Smithsonian this time, that means even more notable statues and wax recreations of historical figures are making hilarious living cameos! And since the Lincoln Memorial is also apparently considered a museum, there's also Lincoln! Here's a teaser:

How long do you think someone has to be dead before they become a candidate for reincarnation in a Night at a Museum movie?

Reader Comments

kids better like this.. how many voices can Hank Azaria do without us noticing...

5 years...then you can be in it. REGEAN HO!

didn't he have bone claws when he was a child?

I don't want this movie to exist, but THANK GOD Clint Howard is reprising his "Apollo 13" role. I've been literally waiting YEARS to see him back in that role.

And yes, T-Rex had bone claws since he was a child, how did you not know that?

What about A Night at the Wax Museum? In Gatlinburg, Tennessee they've got Jackie and Owen from Shanghai Noon, Elektra from Elektra, and Colin Farrel from some movie where he gets married.

Maybe we can get a Majel Roddenberry Statute in there before GW's next birthday. That'd be a great birthday present.

.....what, too soon?

*pushes his glasses up on his nose* Well actually, monuments, zoos, aquariums, national parks and historic sites do fall under the broad definition of "museum" according to the International Council of Museums.

The first "Night at the Museum" was kinda' goofy fun if you're the type of person who actually, y'know, goes to museums, or the kid whose parents buy them chemistry sets and telescopes for Christmas. Hopefully the sequel keeps it up. Learning is Cool, especially when the statues come to life and want to destroy you.

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in second grade i so wrote a book about museum coming to life at night they so ripped me off cheap bastards

@3, yeah I understand Lincoln made a mean log cabin with those claws. Bone claws... but only when he was young.

The kid in me will see it, but if Custer doesn't rape Sacajawea I'm getting my money back.

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