Dec 23 2008'Machine Girl' Number Two


I don't want to give too much away, but suffice to say this trailer is for a sequel to the insane, gore-filled, Japanese film Machine Girl. A new girl has taken on the responsibilities of the machine gun for an arm, and she's brought her own machine gun to boot. You'll love it:

(from Twitch)

I wish I knew it was it was like to watch this with the nonchalance of the Japanese viewer. "Mmm hmm, so there's one machine gun on her arm and one in her butt--I'm with you so far. Is that it?"

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I would give ANYTHING to know what they were saying

this "sequal" is a low(er) budget short movie, fyi.

Yo, that's messed up.
That chick psycho!

Looks a lot less gory, interesting and freaky than the first one.
are you sure this isn't just a fan vid?

This actually looks a lot more like some Grade A hyper-violent soft-core porn. Which is of course, my personal favorite genre of film.

Just like Rose McGowan in Planet Terror, but with a different limb...

Considering how much Tarantino (and probably Rodriguez) love Japanese shit, I wouldn't be surprised if the original Machine Girl were the influence for Rose McGowan's character in Planet Terror.

Love the ass gun. GOLD

She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site ___S e a r c h i n g M i l l i o n a i r e. C O

[email protected]@@ last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

I'm guessing sodomy is out of the question with this girl...

The weapon-limbed vengeful woman has been used in a few different movies. Yes, Tarantino and Rodriguez were doing their take on it. I'm kinda' shocked that wasn't just assumed. Check out hot-hot-hotty Ryoko Yonekura in "Gun Crazy."

Wow...what was the wri...direc...produ...actually, what was the whole cast and crew on, and where can I get some?

I know that its a low budget mad japanse film but seeing the sequel trailor..... its a joke right?

There are way too many upskirt shots for this to be a legitimate sequel. It's got to be some kind of bullshit fanvid. I mean come on, a mini-gun coming out of her ass? Even jap-hollywood has better taste then that.

You know, that machine gun coming out of her ass makes me think of just soooo many scatalogical jokes ... but I'm too busy laughing my arm off to type them up....

Having seen the first one I must say ... kismet.

wait wait wait wait..... did i just see a girl shit out a machine gun???? i guess her boyfriend better not try anal or else he'll lose his "machine gun"


But...that guy died...and she...


.....I can't decide whether I want to hate this, totally want to see it or just sit here making D: face all night. Probably a combination of all three.


Assgun. Priceless.

o god.....the acting is even worse than the first one.....

hajirai = shy/shyness. fyi

Suprisingly, in the first Machine Girl, there's a character that after getting her leg yanked off, attaches a chainsaw to her bloody limb.
So, there's probably some truth that Rodriguez did base Cherry off this scene, that's if he's even seen it. Who knows, it might just be a shocking coincidence.

Oh My God.......!!!

Ive heard of killing farts but this is just ridiculous

>>Considering how much Tarantino (and probably Rodriguez) love Japanese shit, I wouldn't be surprised if the original Machine Girl were the influence for Rose McGowan's character in Planet Terror.<<
Nah, original is from 2008. Tarantino is still a ripping off piece of shit though and Rodriguez never really had original ideas to begin with. He doesn't give a shit about them either. All he wants to do is making shitty movies.

Noriko is cute but I liked Minase Yashiro in the original better, but having said that, two guns are better than one LOL

there's now a TV show on Japanese TV by director Noboru Iguchi called The Ancient Dogoo Girl

UHHH Jap hollywood has better taste the a machine gun coming out her ass........... Astro Boy anyone?

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