Dec 30 2008Is George Michael the 'Arrested Development' Holdout?


Is the hunched, uncomfortable form of Michael Cera the one thing blocking our view of a much-wanted Arrested Development movie? Series creator Mitch Hurwitz implies as much in this recent interview with Fancast (via Collider):

So what of the rumors that new dad Will Arnett and shiny movie star Michael Cera are the only two remaining holdouts?

"I don’t want to talk about who is holding out right now because we might still work that out and I don’t want to pressure anyone through the press," said Hurwitz. "Although I will say that Will Arnett is gung-ho, so there’s a big clue!"

Does anyone else find this almost unbelievable? Cera has probably become the biggest star since the series ended, so I can see how he'd be more committed and might command a higher paycheck, but also this is Michael Cera we're talking about. He's played the same awkward pushover so many times I find it hard to believe he's not at least somewhat like that, and thus similarly weak-willed. Just get the rest of the cast to shout at him until he nervously gives in.

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him... really?

Arrested Development could command TWICE the price of a theatre ticket of anyone else, including Dark Knight.

Where is your dear and fluffy Judd Apatow now?

He probably doesn't want to play the same character again and is holding out for enough money to make him happy to play the pushover that he seems so natural at.

If he keeps holding out, then Michael Cera ruined Christmas.

All he has done professionally is play the same character again and again. Maybe he hasn't wanted to though and it's been like a hostage situation where he has no choice.

maybe his job as Mr. Manager is taking up too much of his time

He's probably just been too busy looking for a leather jacket that he can wear on his motorcycle in case he has to go into a controlled slide.

Maybe you're confused and you're talking about the other George Michael. You know, the singer.

Just kill him off or replace him with Philip Seymour Hoffman. It's not like crazier shit hasn't happened on the show.


The movie, won't make any money, and is pointless to make.

He's totally holding out. My buddy (an insider) said its because he doesnt want to cut his hair to resemble George Michael again.

fcnshame! Do it for all for the $$$$$$$$$$$ doode. Come he f ck on! TV SUCKS RIGHT NOW


I just jizzed in my banana hammock!

It's too bad he doesn't have any children to threaten to force this to happen.

If this is true I hope that geek gets an utlra atomic wedgie and gets his nuts severed off in the process.

I still love Michael Cera, even if he IS ruining everything. I just can't figure out why. I mean, he can't have a problem playing GM since he's played him in ever film he's done since he got popular. And hair?! Since when did he grow his hair out? It's not like he's gone through some radical physical transformation since the show ended. Let's hope it's just a money thing. It would make him seem like a dick but, hey, that's show business. It's all about that cheddar.

I heard that Tony Hale is the hold out, because of his real life phobia of seals and water and boats, and the script calls for a lot of Buster-Seal interaction

First poster was the best imo

They should hire that one-armed creep to teach him a lesson.

"And that's why... you agree to do the movie version!!!"
/bleeds copiously from fake stump

Did it ever get shown over here in the UK? Cos I don't remember it.

he gets off on being withholding

SEE?!?!?!?!?! This is why we don't talk about an Arrested Development movie until it's released. Even though stupid Jeffery Tambor wanted me to believe it was a done deal, I was smarter this time.

I read an interview where he said he didn't want to ruin the legacy of the show. That three seasons on DVD is enough for the fans to remember.

That screen shot is quite possibly my second favorite sight-gag from the show (beagle sleeping on a red dog house, with Vince Guaraldi playing in the background.)

(Top spot goes to the 2-second screen shot of Tobias' business card: "Tobias Funke, M.D. Analrapist")

Number 21 and 5. Agreed.

Carrie wins for best comment of this thread.

Eric, I read the same interview, and wonder where he gets off deciding what the fans want. Everyone I know who watched and loved this show wants a movie.

#21 FTW.


Yeah, let's try to top that.

*sad charlie brown music*

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