'Echelon Conspiracy' is a Classic Omniscient Phone Thriller

December 18, 2008


We have an early entry into the competition for stupidest movie of 2009! From what I can tell, it's about a sentient phone that's sort of magic, maybe. Here's the trailer for the Robert Ludlumesque-titled Echelon Conspiracy:

I love the classic misdirect. Leads you towards "oh, so this is the one phone off the monitoring grid," then hits you with "plus it's the best phone ever, but also the most deadly." I keep trying to decide if the phone is:

a.) Controlled by some former government agent now working to bring down the system.
b.) Controlled by Martin Sheen using a woman's voice.
c.) Haunted.
d.) Magic.
e.) Eagle Eye 2.
f.) Just a really phenomenal phone.

Like the internet, mobile phones are still such a new and bizarre concept that I would readily believe any of those explanations.

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