Nov 19 2008'The Spirit' Posters Poster


"Guys, I've got this great idea for a poster. OK, so it's a poster, right? But also, it has all these other posters within that poster. Posters within a poster. The sheer audacity will shock everyone into seeing the movie. It's just so many posters, how could you not?"

It's true. Meta posters of the stars' faces are the new standard posters of the stars' faces.

Final Poster for 'The Spirit' [Cinematical]

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I suggest adding in some bewbage (preferably the Scarlett's) - if they are trying to get some asses to the theater for this.

Now they can just send the rest of their advertising money to me, it's a done deal.

Boy oh boy does The Spirit look like a train wreck or what? All of the footage and trailers look so ridiculous, I'm sure Miller has a huge bomb on his hands. I can't imagine any situation in life where I will ever watch this film.

What a mess. Which I'm sure is what most people will be saying as they leave the theater.

scarjo :J yayayayyaya i cant wait to see it !

uhhh dude they're missing 12 other posters

The bad thing is, people are going to think that The Spirit is a lame superhero.

Those idiots that don't know shit about comics will believe Miller's racist, sexist vision of this great hero is THE hero.

Will Eisner is digging his way out of his grave to choke Frank Miller's life out of him. And it's about time someone did.

Stop the clown Frank Miller from making movies. Even that turd Brett Ratner could make a better movie than Miller.

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