'Race to Witch Mountain' Trailer Like a Supernatural 'Friends' for Kids

November 18, 2008


Disney has released a new trailer for Race to Witch Mountain--a remake of 1975's Escape to Witch Mountain--the story of two super-powered alien children and their attempt to find a way back to the ship they crashed into a geological formation known as a mountain. The Rock plays the cab driver helping them, and for some reason he plays it like he's doing an impression of Matt LeBlanc. It's really distracting. Either he studied acting by watching Lost in Space and LeBlanc's monkey-as-baseball player movie, Ed, or Disney really wanted Matt LeBlanc and instead hired Dwayne Johnson to play it as Matt LeBlanc. Which would be despicable. Do you know what Joey has been doing since they cancelled Joey, Disney? Absolutely nothing. Joey would have loved to drive alien children to a spooky mountain. He would have told so many amusing anecdotes about how David Schwimmer is nothing like Ross. He would have brought donuts to the set every day, just because "It's somebody's birthday somewhere, eh?" You guys made a real mistake.

(Thanks, Andrew.)
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