Nov 20 2008Posters That Are Extremely Beautiful and, Typically, Delicate


Smashing Magazine has posted a list of what they're calling 40 Exquisite Independent Film Posters (via Digg), a showcase of indie film one-sheets that dared to take a more stylized approach than the stock "floating heads" approach. I'm not sure I agree with their assessment that the face of a concerned skater kid on the Paranoid Park poster is necessarily "exquisite", per se, but it was nice to be reminded of beauties like the above Chris Ware-designed Savages poster once more before death. Before you go, remember to grab a pen and paper so you can jot down which you want to pick up at your campus's next obscure film poster sale.

Reader Comments

Movie poster art really has went to Hell. Maybe the death of John Alvin coincided with the death of the art of film posters?

yay I love that Tideland poster... and I don't think poster art has gone to hell, whistle

i love that Hard Candy poster. it's awesome!

Notice how many of those posters feature a full body shot of the protagonist facing away from the viewer? Many are nice, but it's interesting to see that "independent" filmmakers are looking to one another for inspiration in this area.

That was kind of a dumb list.

And the poster for The Descent was just copying (and making way less subtle) the poster for Silence of the Lambs.

Most boring movie *Yawn*

This type of affinity for obscure for the sake of obscure is exactly why people who say "You really have to think about Darjeeling Limited before you laugh" piss me off. This list had very little to do with posters and a lot more to do with a particular type of movie that normal people enjoy on occasion, but eunuchs worship with a fiery passion.

Congratulations to Bill Murray for transcending yet another facet of this generation and having a wider variety of appeal than anyone else on the planet.

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