Nov 4 2008'Monsters vs. Aliens' Trailer: Classic Match-Up


Monsters versus aliens: classic match-up. Brute size and strength versus advanced technology. Unless we're talking about Aliens aliens, then it's brute size and strength versus acid blood and a smaller mouth inside the normal mouth. And sometimes are greatest "monsters" are in fact man (HITLER!). Still though, classic match-up, and it's just the battle you'll find inside DreamWorks' aptly-titled CGI comedy, Monsters vs. Aliens. Here is the trailer:

It's no Pixar, but I'd say DreamWorks is making great strides in being less patently obnoxious.

Reader Comments

seth rogen as the blue glob?

About damned time Colbert was president.

This movie looks great. I'm still laughing at that blue blob thing. I'm gonna work for Dreamworks some day!

yay colbert!

Looks... watchable. Am... slightly... stunned.

why is the villaness from The Incredibles in this?

Yeah I've got to say, Dreamworks can usually kiss my a-hole when it comes to their terrible attempts and CG film making, but this doesnt look TOOOO bad. I'll definitely check it out. Looks like the writing could be decent. The animation style isn't taking itself too seriously and I don't think I saw one topical joke in there, lovely!

Is it just me or does it always surprise anyone else when they remember that Seth Rogan is one of the biggest actors in the world recently? I dont mind him at all, in fact i quite like him - I just always forget how famous he is now.

Aww, all gone!

Dude, can you stop with the "Trailer Addicts" posts?

It takes longa s shit to load. I have NEVER watched a full trailer on one of these posts.

so... is it meant to be a "Hellboy" parody, or are the "benign monster band of heroes" movies the hip thing right now?


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